[Printed] Report of Special Committee appointed by resolution of the General Meeting of Members of the Garrison Library on March 16th, 1897.

The Garrison Library, Gibraltar [Sir Stephen Herbert Gatty (1849-1922), Chief Justice of Gibraltar, 1895 to 1905]
The Garrison Library, Gibraltar
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[Gibraltar,] 1897.
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Two pages, on the versos of a 4to bifolium. Fair, on lightly-aged paper. Concerning the proposed 'establishment of a Club' within the Library, and concluding 'Generally we are of opinion that the above scheme is the best that can be suggested for upholding both institutions - the Library and the Club. The proposed agreement (i) may appear at first sight to entail a loss on the Library, but the loss it would suffer from the establishment of a Club outside would probably be far heavier, [...]'. Signed in type by Major-General F. Carrington; W. H. Rathborne; Stephen H. Gatty, C.J.; Herbert Marsh, R.N.; L. Barnes-Lawrence; and Joseph A. Patron.' Gatty's copy, with his name in pencil at head of first page. From the residue of Sir Stephen H. Gatty's papers.