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Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours (1739-1817), French author, economist, publisher and government official [Firmin Didot (1764-1836), Paris printer and typefounder]

[Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours, economist, to Firmin Didot, Paris publisher.] Autograph Letter Signed ('du Pont (de Nemours)')

1p, 12mo. On bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with stub from mount adhering. At head of page, in nineteenth-century hand: 'Dupont de Nemours'. Twenty lines of text, with another two lines deleted, in an untidy hand of uncertain interpretation. He is sending 'six exemplaires du 1er et...

'Max Wall' [Maxwell George Lorimer (1908-1990)], comedian and actor in music hall, theatre, film and television

['Max Wall' [Maxwell George Lorimer), comedian and actor.] Autograph Signature: 'Good luck to Enid! | Max Wall | 1951'.

On one side of 8 x 13.5 cm leaf of cream paper. In good condition, lightly aged and worn, with slight creasing to one corner. A good, firm underlined signature. Reads: 'Good luck to Enid! | Max Wall | 1951'. On the reverse is the autograph of an unknown signatory: 'To Enid | [Sister? Lister?] [J...

A. Cowper Ranyard [Arthur Cowper Ranyard] (1845-1894), astrophysicist and mathematician

[Arthur Cowper Ranyard, astrophysicist and mathematician.] Autograph Letter Signed ('A. Cowper Ranyard') to 'Mr. Herbert', regarding 'the card with Shelley's philosophic verse', 'the loss of friends', and 'pleasure in useful work'.

2pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Folded twice. After thanking him for sending 'the card with Shelley's philosophic verse', he continues: 'I am sorry that you have so sad a memory connected with 1883 - the year gets with me sadder for the loss of friends and...

Admiral Sir George Martin (1764-1847), distinguished Royal Navy officer [John Julius Angerstein (1732-1823), London merchant and art patron]

[Admiral Sir George Martin] Autograph Letter Signed ('Geo Martin') to 'My Dear Julius', i.e. John Julius William Angerstein, grandson of patron of the arts John Julius Angerstein, regarding his desire to see service [in the First Anglo-Ashanti War].

The recipient of this letter, John Julius William Angerstein (1800-1866), was son of the MP John Angerstein (c.1774-1858) and grandson of the celebrated patron of the arts John Julius Angerstein (1732-1823), whose collection forms the basis of the National Gallery. At the time of writing J. J. W...

Agnes Zimmermann (1847-1925), German concert pianist and composer who lived in England with her reputed lover Lady Louisa Goldsmid (1819-1908), pioneer of women's education

[Agnes Zimmermann, German concert pianist and reputed lover of Lady Louisa Goldsmid.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Agnes Zimmermann') to 'Miss Glover', asking to reschedule a lesson due to 'a Rehearsal at the Albert Hall'.

1p, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. Begins:'I am very sorry to be obliged to ask you not to come to me on Monday, as I have just heard that a Rehearsal at the Albert Hall (wh. I must attend) takes place that day at 12 -'. She gives two alternative times. Zimmermann's...

Charlotte Helen Sainton-Dolby (1821-1885), English contralto, singing teacher and composer

[Charlotte Helen Sainton-Dolby, English contralto.] Autograph Note Signed ('Charlotte H Sainton Dolby'), complying with a request [for an autograph].

1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged, with small trace of glue from mount at foot. Folded twice. Reads: 'Dear Madam | I have much pleasure in complying with your request & beg to remain | Yours faithfully | Charlotte H Sainton Dolby'. See her entry in the Oxford DNB.

Dame Vera Lynn [née Welch] (b. 1917), singer who entertained the British troops in the Second World War, known as 'the Forces' Sweetheart'

[Dame Vera Lynn, 'the Forces' Sweetheart'.] Autograph Signature from album ('"Sincerely Yours" | Very Lynn').

On one side of 9 x 14 cm leaf of cream paper. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Reads: "'Sincerely Yours' | Very Lynn". A good, firm underlined signature, in a large sloping hand, with the words 'Sincerely Yours' in single quotation marks.

J. A. Froude [James Anthony Froude] (1818-1894), Victorian historian, editor of Fraser's Magazine, disciple and biographer of Thomas Carlyle

[James Anthony Froude, historian and editor of Fraser's Magazine.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J A Froude') to 'Sellers', discussing the 'State of Spain' ('the reductio ad asbsurdum of the nonsense about the rights of man').

3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, the blank reverse of the second leaf laid down on a leaf removed from an album. Written in a hurried hand, with the meaning unclear in parts. The letter would appear to discuss the republican and Carlist insurrections against Amadeo I, the only King of...

John Caird (1820-1898), Church of Scotland theologian, noted preacher, and Principal of the University of Glasgow, 1873-1898

[John Caird, Principal of the University of Glasgow.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. Caird.') to 'Miss Marshall', regarding his wife's illness, and the recipient sharing 'in the management of her stall'.

2pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. He sends her belated thanks for her 'kind compliance with Mrs. Caird's request'. His wife has been very ill since he received her letter, but he believes that 'the critical stage of the disease is fairly over; & besides her illness, the...

Leslie H. Fox ('Leon Rea', 'Alan Quatermain'), English author [The Alliance Press, London; Ancient Egypt; reincarnation]

[Ancient Egypt; Leslie H. Fox (as 'Leon Rea' and 'Alan Quatermain').] Typescript, with autograph emendations, of 'The Forgotten Incarnation. A Novel of Romance', an unpublished work on the theme of reincarnation, set in Ancient Egypt and London.

[3] + 222pp. With additional page carrying two figures to be inserted in the text (the first a 'Bezel', the second two cartouches). Each page on the recto of a separate leaf. Autograph emendations throughout, including additional text on reverse of one leaf. Housed in grey-card punch-hold binder...