[First World War submarines and dazzle camouflage.] Autograph Memorandum by Commander C. S. Benning of Royal Navy submarine HMS K1, on ideas 'to produce an optical effect, which will mislead the submarine captain' and make 'the torpedo miss'.

Charles Stuart Benning (1884-1924), Commander of Royal Navy submarine HMS K1 [William Lionel Wyllie (1851-1931) and Norman Wilkinson (1878-1971), marine artists; dazzle camouflage]
Publication details: 
Undated, but between the launch of HMS K1 in November 1916 and her scuttling in November of 1917. On government paper [Admiralty, Whitehall].

Signed at end 'C S Benning | Commdr K1'. HMS K1 was launched 14 November 1916. Following a court martial in August 1917, Benning was reprimanded for stranding her; at another court martial at the beginning of the following year he was cleared of any blame for her loss following a collision with HMS K4 off the Danish coast on 18 November 1917. An interesting letter, from the papers of marine artist W. L.

[Christmas Card from the British Expeditionary Force, France, 1939.] Lithographed Christmas Card, with 'B.E.F.' and Spearhead Badge of 1 British Corps, and illustration by 'L. D. C.' of White Cliffs of Dover, France, military convoy, army camp.

[British Expeditionary Force (B.E.F.), France, 1939; 1 British Corps; British Army]
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British Expeditionary Force [France]. Christmas 1939.

A nice piece of Second World War ephemera, of which no other copy has been traced. 1 British Corps formed part of the B.E.F., travelling to France in September 1939, and withdrawing from Dunkirk at the 'Darkest Hour' in May 1940. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Lithographed in black on the four sides of a 9.5 x 15 cm bifolium. Two parallel diagonal red lines printed at top left of front cover, which also carries the Spearhead badge of 1 British Corps at centre, above 'B.E.F.' in a scroll, with 'Christmas – 1939' at bottom left.

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