Photographic portrait by Letzer of Vienna, with Autograph Signature ('Raoul M. Aslan:') and quotation.

Raoul Aslan [Raoul Maria Aslan-Zumpart] (1886-1958), Austro-German actor of Turkish extraction
Publication details: 
Wien, Oktober 1923. -' [Photograph stamped at foot: 'Letzer | WIEN | VII. HOFSTALLSTR. 5.']

The sepia photograph, 10 x 7 cm, is a head and shoulders shot of Aslan staring at the viewer in the character of Hamlet holding Yorick's skull. It is neatly mounted on a leaf of cream paper (24 x 20 cm) removed from an album. The whole attractive and in good condition. In a firm, bold hand Aslan has written, across the page beneath the photograph: '"Zu was für schnöden Bestimmungen | wir doch kommen, Horatio"! - | (Hamlet) | Ein Erinnerung | [signed] Raoul M. Aslan: | Wien, Oktober 1923. -'

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