Typescript of the unpublished war memoirs of J. L. H. Batt [Jack Lynden Batt], of 155th Battery, 172nd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, entitled 'Nothing Spectacular 41-45', and describing incidents in North Africa and as a POW in Italy and Germany.

J. L. H. Batt [Jack Lynden Batt] (b.1922), of 155th Battery, 172nd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery [POWs; Prisoners of War; Second World War]
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Undated [written in the 1960s?]. Covering events from June 1941 to April 1945.

i + 207pp., 8vo. Perfect bound in green card wraps, with green cloth spine. In good condition: lightly-aged and a little dogeared, in lightly-creased wraps with slight wear to spine. Tipped in onto the last page is an original 'Army Form B. 104-83', signed and stamped with date 16 March 1943, informing Batt's father that he was posted as missing on 27 February 1943 in North Africa. Nine chapters: 'The Western Desert'; 'Italy'; 'Gaschwyz'; 'Leipzig', 'Gaschwyz Again'; 'Boehlen, Leuna, Wiederitsch'; 'Lager Waldfrieden'; 'Russians'; 'Latvians'.

Signed Typescript of the unpublished Second World War memoir of Commander Geoffrey Scott Stavert, Royal Artillery, 'Goodbye Campo 49. (A Slow March through Occupied Italy)', regarding his imprisonment and escape from a POW camp. With autograph note.

Commander Geoffrey Scott Stavert (d.2002), of 155th Battery, 172nd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery [J. L. H. Batt [Jack Lynden Batt] (b.1922],
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Place and date not stated. [Southsea, 1970s?]

298pp., 4to. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper in blue ring binder. From the collection of J. L. H. Batt, who writes the following autograph note: 'Lt. Geoff. Stavert was E. Troop Commander of 155 Battery at Sidi Nsir Feb. 1943, & was my Troop Commander. On 26. 2. 43 I was up at the O.P as a Signaller on Hill 609.

[Printed booklet.] A History of Lumsden's Battery C.S.A. Written by Dr. George Little and Mr. James R. Maxwell.

Dr. George Little and James R. Maxwell [Lumsden's Battery; R. E. Rhodes Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Tuskaloosa, Alabama; American Civil War]
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Published by R. E. Rhodes Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Tuskaloosa, Alabama. [1905.]

70pp., 8vo, with additional four-page 'Insert' between pp.56-57. Frontispiece photograph of nine members of the battery in old age, with 'Rufus Jones or "Rube," T. A. Dearing's servant.' Stapled. In grey wraps with title also on front cover. Internally in fair condition, on lightly-aged and dog-eared paper, with staples slightly rusted; in worn wraps. Bookplate of Patrick C. Courtney on reverse of front wrap. Printed note on reverse of title-page: 'This History of Lumsden's Battery was written from memory in 1905 by Dr. Maxwell and Dr. Little, with the help of a diary kept by Dr. James T.

Typescript titled 'The Last Month', signed 'Ernie Wilmott', describing the author's experiences during the last days of World War Two at Gaschwitz POW camp near Leipzig. With covering ALS from J. L. H. Batt ('Jack') and TLS to Batt from Charles

Ernie Wilmott [J. L. H. Batt [Jack Lynden Batt] (b.1922), of 155th Battery, 172nd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery]
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Without place and date (1960s?). The account describes events in April and May 1945.

13pp., foolscap 8vo. Paginated 1 to 13 and signed at the end 'Ernie Wilmott'. On seven leaves stapled into grey covers, with the title 'The Last Month' typed on the front cover. In good condition, in worn wraps. The account commences: 'There had been gun fire from the west and the south for the last three days. Friday the 13th April 1945 the usual officials did not come to fetch the men, but a little later than usual the Gaschwyz [sic] column was called, so we assembled and left for work, about 20 of us.

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