[ Russell Braddon ] Autograph Note Signed "Russell Braddon" to a "Mr Kwiatowski", about having his photograph taken.

Russell Braddon, Australian author (of "Naked Island" etc.)
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[Headed] 11e Cornwall Gardens, London, SW&, 10 Nov. 1989.

One page, 8vo, very good condition. He thanks his correspondent for his letter and poems, adding: "I dislike being formally photographed, so I have no studio shots to send you, but I enclose the four signed cards for which you asked - even though I doubt that those to Wendy, Mary and Anon will be in the least appreciated."

Typescript of 'The Last Month. By Ernie Wilmott' ['Camp Leader, Lager 31, Stalag IVG, Gaschwitz'], with autograph notes by J. L. H. Batt. With copies three articles, by Lieutenant Commander G. S. Stavert (2) and Norman E. H. Litchfield.

Ernie Wilmott, POW Camp Leader, Lager 31, Stalag IVG, Gaschwitz; Jack Lynden Batt (b.1922), of 155th Battery, 172nd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery; Norman E. H. Litchfield; Lieut-Com. G. S. Stavert
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Wilmott's account without place and date (1960s?); describing events in April and May 1945. The other three items from 1970s and 80s.

The four items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. In envelope addressed to Mrs P. E. Batt, Beckenham, Kent. ONE: 'The Last Month' by Wilmott. 13pp., foolscap 8vo. A photocopied typescript on thirteen leaves of paper, stapled together, with five original autograph annotations by Batt. The first reads '"Big funf" was one of the German Guards - had no roof to his mouth - spoke funnily' and the fourth 'We had a "Union Jack" which was used for burials when P.O.W.'s died.' Wilmott's account commences: 'There had been gun fire from the west and the south for the last three days.

Typescript titled 'The Last Month', signed 'Ernie Wilmott', describing the author's experiences during the last days of World War Two at Gaschwitz POW camp near Leipzig. With covering ALS from J. L. H. Batt ('Jack') and TLS to Batt from Charles

Ernie Wilmott [J. L. H. Batt [Jack Lynden Batt] (b.1922), of 155th Battery, 172nd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery]
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Without place and date (1960s?). The account describes events in April and May 1945.

13pp., foolscap 8vo. Paginated 1 to 13 and signed at the end 'Ernie Wilmott'. On seven leaves stapled into grey covers, with the title 'The Last Month' typed on the front cover. In good condition, in worn wraps. The account commences: 'There had been gun fire from the west and the south for the last three days. Friday the 13th April 1945 the usual officials did not come to fetch the men, but a little later than usual the Gaschwyz [sic] column was called, so we assembled and left for work, about 20 of us.

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