Early seventeenth-century Vellum Manuscript Indenture, a Fine between Thomas Jurdon and John Jurdon, plaintiffs, and Thomas Hollande, wife Anne, Laurence Husloke and wife Mary, defendants, of a messuage &c in Bishopps Cleeve and Woodmancott.

[Thomas Jurdon; John Jurdon; Thomas Hollande; Anne Hollande; Laurence Husloke; Mary Husloke; Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucestershire; Woodmancott, Hampshire]
Publication details: 
[Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucestershire, and Woodmancott, Hampshire.] Hilary Term 15 James I [1616/1617].

On one side of a piece of vellum (roughly 15 x 37 cm). In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. In Latin. In an attractive close hand.

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