[ Duke of Cumberland, "Keeper and Lieutenant of Windsor Forest"] Surviving top half of Document countersigned by William Windham, an Order for the Payment of a payment to the Duke of Cumberland

[William, Duke of Cumberland (1721-1765); William Windham (c. 1706 – 1789), landowner and politician, Comptroller of the Duke of Cumberland's Household ]
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7 July 1760

Surviving top half of an Order, 20 x 18cm, small closed tears, grubby, fold marks, text clear and complete as far as it goes. The recto contains the terms of the Order (cash for distribution by William, Duke of Cumberland to staff in Windsor Forest [Windsor Royal Park. The verso is signed by Cumberland's Comptroller, "July 22 1760 | Reced the within contents \ [signed] Wm Windham | Witness [signed] Peter Couture [Steward in the Duke's "establishment"].

[Voyage to Australia, 1912.] Autograph notebook of H. A. Butcher of Wrexham, containing account of voyage to Australia from England, in 1912. With details of 'A few friends we met on the "Orama" during our voyage to Sydney ex London October 25 1912'.

H. A. Butcher of Wrexham, Wales [SS Orama, 'Orient' line steam ship; Australia; Australiana]
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'[...] on The "Orama" during our voyage to Sydney [Australia] ex London [England] Oct 25. 1912'. [Disembarking at Melbourne, 2 December 1912.]

96pp., 12mo (15.5 x 9.5 cm.), in 'Note Book for Pen or Pencil Writing'. Comprising the account of the voyage on 75pp. at the back of the volume, and the names and details of fellow passengers on 21pp. at the front. Built in 1911, SS Orama was torpedoed and sunk in 1917 while serving as convoy escort. In good condition internally, on lightly aged paper, in aged and worn card covers. The front section is described inside the front cover: 'A few friends we met on the "Orama" during our voyage to Sydney ex London October 25 1912', and the 21pp.

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