[ Bertrand, Count Clausel, Marshal of France. ] Autograph Note Signed ('Mal Clausel'), in margin of a petition from the widow Sallemant to Baron de Schonen, requesting a the continuance of a civil list pension.

Bertrand, comte Clausel [ Count Bertrand Clausel or Clauzel ] (1772-1842), Marshal of France [ Baron Auguste Jean Marie de Schonen (1782-1849) ]
Publication details: 
The petition dated from Paris, 18 July 1838.

1p., folio. In fair condition, on aged paper. The petition is headed 'A Monsieur le Baron de Schonen | liquidateur de l'ancienne liste civile', with 'Sallemant' (the name of the petitioner) beneath it in another hand. Clausel's note, of eleven lines of a few words each, is in the left-hand margin, and recommends to 'la bienveillance de Mr. de Schonen' the petition of a woman who describes herself as 'une malheureuse veuve'. Laid down on the reverse is a piece of card, carrying a biographical note in English in an nineteenth-century hand.

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