[ James Lord Bowes; Japanese Art ] Two Autograph Notes in the third person consigning copies of his books (Japanese interest) to the editor of The Academy.

James Lord Bowes (1834–1899), wealthy Liverpool wool broker, art collector and patron of the arts, author and authority on Japan and its art, and benefactor.
Publication details: 
[Printed heading, both] Japanese Consulate, Liverpool, 24 June 1890 AND 26 June 1895.

NOTE 1: One page, 12mo, very good condition. Mr. James L. Bowes presents his compliments to the Editor of The Academy and has pleasure in forwarding for his acceptance copy of his new work on the Art of Japan entitled 'Japanese Pottery' and he ventures to draw attention to the Notes with which the volume concludes. Letter 2: Mr. Bowes presents his Compliments to the Editor of The Academy and begs to say that he has sent a Copy of his Monograph on Japanese Enamels entitled 'Notes on Shippo' for review in the Columns of his journal.

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