[ The Russian Revolution: the Assistant Minister of War addresses the Council of Peasants' Delegates. ] Account, in English, of a report by 'Colonel Iakubovitch' on the state of the Russian Army, in a speech to the Council of Peasants' Delegates.

Colonel G. A. Iakubovich [ G. A. Yakubovich; G. A. Iakubovitch ], Assistant Minister of War under Kerensky in the Provisional Russian Government of 1917 [ Russian Revolution ]
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'Council of Peasants' Delegates [ Moscow ]. 24 May 1917.

After the February Revolution and abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, Kerensky, as Minister of War, was the dominant figure in the provisional government that held power until overthrown by the Bolsheviks in the October Revolution. According to Semion Lyandres, 'The Fall of Tsarism', along with Lev Stepanovich Tugan-Baranovskii and G. N. Tumanov, Captain G. A. Iakubovich 'belonged to the troika of Kerenskii's most trusted military aides during his tenure in the Provisional Government'. 4pp., foolscap 8vo. First page headed: 'Council of Peasants' Delegates. | 24th. May 1917.

[Printed broadside.] Her Majesty's Most Gracious Speech to Both Houses of Parliament, On Thursday, February 8, 1877.

[Queen Victoria's speech on the State Opening of Parliament, 1877.] [Benjamin Disraeli; Tory Party; Conservative Party]
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London: Printed by George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode, Printers to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty. 1877.

4 pp, folio. Paginated [1] to 4. Bifolium. Fair, on lightly-aged paper, with some damage to margins of first leaf on removal from album. Docketed in a contemporary hand 'The last Speech Sent to Papa 1877'. Subjects include the Balkans, Bulgaria and Turkey (hostilities, armistice, Ottoman Empire, etc); her Imperial title assumed at Delhi; famine in India, transvaal Republic causing trouble for natives; other Bills (Ireland etc). No copy on COPAC.

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