[ Dr Edward Loftus Geall, phrenologist. ] Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'E. L. Geall'), one written on back of his pamphlet 'Some Objections to Phrenology Answered'. With a handbill advertisement for his Leicester Institute of Mental Science.

Dr. Edward Loftus Geall, phrenologist, Principal of the Leicester Institute of Mental Science
Publication details: 
[ Leicester Institute of Mental Health. ] 53 Cromer Street, Leicester. Two of the letters from 1954 and one from 1955. The pamphlet by the Cobden Press, Leicester. [ 1953 ].

The collection is in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Geall's pamphlet is 12pp., 12mo, and stapled. The only copies on OCLC WorldCat at Harvard Medical School and Cape Town. The back page carries a letter by Geall to an unnamed individual [ Marcus Adams ], dated 17 January 1954. The handbill advertisement for the Leicester Institute of Mental Science is 4pp., 12mo., on a bifolium. The other two letters, each on Geall's letterhead, are both 1p., 4to.

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