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[Sarah Stickney Ellis, Quaker turned Congregationalist, author; education of girls]. Autograph Letter Signed ('Sarah S. Ellis') to her cousin John Burtt, regarding the new girls' school at Hoddesdon. With Autograph Note Signed by Burtt.

Sarah Stickney Ellis [born Sarah Stickney] (1799-1872), Quaker turned Congregationalist, author of 'conduct books' on women's place in society [John Burtt]
Publication details: 
Rose Hill [Hoddesdon]. 23 April 1847.

3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, aged and worn, with damage to second leaf apparently caused by opening of letter repaired with archival tape. Burtt is not named as recipient, but the following note at foot of recto of second leaf: 'This is a note from my cousin Sarah Stickney Ellis author of the Women of England addressed to me in the year 1847 | John Burtt'. The letter begins: 'My dear Cousin | I enclose with this some of our circulars, and would at the same express my sincere thanks for thy kind interest in our school.

[ Sir Jeffrey Elwes of Hoddesdon, Treasurer to the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty. ] Autograph Signature ('Jeffrey Elwes') on manuscript Treasury receipt.

Sir Jeffrey Elwes [ Sir Jeffry Elwes; Sir Jeffery Elwes ] (c.1695-1776) of Hoddesdon, Treasurer to the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty, 1724-1776 [ Robert Waters; William Nicholls ]
Publication details: 
[ The Treasury, London. ] 20 December 1775.

On 36.5 x 19 cm. piece of paper. Elwes' signature is on the reverse, with the following in another hand: '20th Decemr. 1775. | Recd in full'. Beside Elwes' signature are those of the witnesses: 'Robt. Waters' and 'Wm. Nicholls'. Text on recto, with 'Sir Jeffry Elwes Kt.' in right-hand margin, beginning: 'Order is taken this 12 day of Decr. 1775 By Virtue of his Majesty's Genl. Letters of Privy Seal bearing date the 5th.

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