[ Herbert Hampton: a monumental sculptor in the Raj. ] Thirteen items relating to Hampton's Indian commissions, including correspondence (including letters from Sir Jamsetjee Jajeebhoy and Phirize C. Settina), telegrams, a printed seating plan.

Herbert Hampton (1862-1929), English sculptor [ Sir Jamsetjee Jajeebhoy (1878-1931), 5th Baronet; Phirize C. Settina, President of the Bombay Municipality ]
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Bombay, Bankipur, Burdwan, and other locations in India. One item from 1914, one from 1916, the rest from 1915.

Hampton was one of the most successful British public artists of the late Victorian period. See his obituary, 13 February 1929, followed by letters from Reginald Hallward and Frank Gibson (16 February), J. R. K. Duff (19 February) and A. T. Sheppard (21 February). The present collection casts light on the practice of public art in the last days of the Raj. The thirteen items are in good condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: TLS from Sir Jamsetjee Jajeebhoy (1878-1931), 5th Baronet. On letterhead of Mazagon Castle, Bombay. 29 November 1915.

Autograph Note from the Indian 'Merchant Prince' Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy [Jeejeebhoy; Jeejebhoy] to 'Miss Brown', with engraved portrait, and long printed notice of 'The Late Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy, Bart.'

Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy [Jeejebhoy; Jeejeebhoy] (1783-1859), Bart, of Maragone Castle; Bombay 'Merchant Prince' and philanthropist
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The note from 'Maragone Castle | 23d. April [no year]'. Neither of the other two items with date or place.

Note: 1p., 12mo. Creased, and with tear at head, 1 x1/2". Written in the third person, it reads: 'Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy will have much pleasure in complying with Miss Browns wishes by sending her some Flowers tomorrow Evening. | Maragone Castle | 23d. April'. Engraving: The margin has been cut away, but an accompanying printed slip carries the original caption: 'THE LATE | SIR JAMSETJEE JEEJEEBHOY, BART.' A steel engraving from a photograph, showing an old bewhiskered Jejeebhoy seated in robes and hat, with curled slippers, in a carved chair on a Turkey carpet.

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