Autograph Letter Signed from the conservationist Ethel Haythornthwaite, thanking Lord Chorley [Robert Samuel Theodore Chorley, 1st Baron Chorley] for his speech to the Sheffield branch of the Council for the Preservation of Rural England.

Ethel Haythornthwaite (1894-1986) and her husband Lt-Col. Gerald Haythornthwaite (1912-1995), pioneering conservationists [Robert Samuel Theodore Chorley (1895-1978), 1st Baron Chorley [Lord Chorley]]
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On letterhead of the Council for the Preservation of Rural England, Sheffield and Peak District Branch. 10 June 1945.

2pp., landscape 12mo. 28 lines of text. Fair, on lightly-aged paper, with slight damage to one corner. Addressed to 'Dear Professor Chorley', the letter begins: 'I do feel we owe you a very great deal for coming on Saturday. Every body seemed pleased with the meeting and that was mainly due to the chief speaker. They liked what you said and who said it.' Considering the demands on Chorley's time, she is grateful to him for not cancelling the engagement, and for the fact that he did not 'pour coals of fire' on her head for the 'silly mistake about the train'.

[First World War printed Balkans concert party programme.] Lieut-Colonel P. W. Williams-Till and the Officers of the Durham Light Infantry Present their Christmas Pantomime Aladdin. ['Cast of incompetent comics, perpetrators of the frightfulness.']

Lieut.-Col. P. W. Williams-Till and the Officers of the Durham Light Infantry
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'Proprietors The Dud Empires Ltd.' [Salonika and the Balkans, c.1916.]

Printed on both sides of a piece of paper, roughly 25.5 x 37.5 cm, folded three times to make a packet of 6pp., 25.5 x 12.5 cm. The title advertises 'All the old favourites, and new book by Pte. E. G. S. Staples. New Lyrics and parodies by 2 Lt. C. M. Hale. Additional music by Pte G. M. Rutt. Produced by Pte E. G. S. Staples.' Also 'Full Beauty Chorus of Macedonian Houris from the EASTERN THEATRE (of War) by kind permission of the Balkan News.' Other spoof advertisements include: 'Soap! Soap! Soap!

An Address on The House of Lords, delivered by Lieut.-Colonel Charles Ford, at the West Herts Liberal Club, Watford, on Thursday Evening, February 16th, 1888.

[Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Ford (c.1846-1918), F.R.S.L.] [The House of Lords; Parliamentary Reform; Radical; Liberal Party]
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Re-printed from the "Herts Advertiser." [1888.]

4to, 4 pp. Bifolium pamphlet. Text clear and complete. On aged paper, with closed tears along the central horizontal crease. Printed in small type in double column.

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