Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps. Corps News.

Royal Army Medical Corps, British Salonika Force, World War I
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February, 1917. ['British Salonika Force. General Headquarters, British Salonika Force, December 1, 1916.']

8vo: 36 pp, paginated [17] to 52. Disbound and unbound. Grubby, but with text clear and entire. Outer bifolium in poor condition. Lacking stitching, so with each bifolium loose. Mainly consisting of lists of individuals receiving awards.

[First World War printed Balkans concert party programme.] Lieut-Colonel P. W. Williams-Till and the Officers of the Durham Light Infantry Present their Christmas Pantomime Aladdin. ['Cast of incompetent comics, perpetrators of the frightfulness.']

Lieut.-Col. P. W. Williams-Till and the Officers of the Durham Light Infantry
Publication details: 
'Proprietors The Dud Empires Ltd.' [Salonika and the Balkans, c.1916.]

Printed on both sides of a piece of paper, roughly 25.5 x 37.5 cm, folded three times to make a packet of 6pp., 25.5 x 12.5 cm. The title advertises 'All the old favourites, and new book by Pte. E. G. S. Staples. New Lyrics and parodies by 2 Lt. C. M. Hale. Additional music by Pte G. M. Rutt. Produced by Pte E. G. S. Staples.' Also 'Full Beauty Chorus of Macedonian Houris from the EASTERN THEATRE (of War) by kind permission of the Balkan News.' Other spoof advertisements include: 'Soap! Soap! Soap!

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