[Parliamentary paper.] Cape of Good Hope: Botanical Collectors. Extract of a Letter dated 1st September 1814, from Sir Joseph Banks to George Harrison, Esquire, recommending the appointment of two Botanical Collectors at The Cape of Good Hope [...].

[Sir Joseph Banks; George Harrison; the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew; the Cape of Good Hope; British Parliamentary paper, 1821; S. R. Lushington; House of Commons]
Publication details: 
'Ordered, by The House of Commons, to be Printed, 2 April 1821.' [Numbered '374.']

3pp., folio, paginated to 3. Bifolium. Disbound. In fair condition, on aged and lightly-creased paper; folded twice into the customary packet, with the title printed lengthwise as usual.

Manuscript indenture on parchment, with signatures and seals: 'Conveyance of Lands of Stapleton in the County of Leicester. Mr. Joseph Knight and Mr. John Edwards to The Baroness Noel Byron [Anne Isabella, Lady Noel Byron], and others'.

Anne Isabella Noel Byron (1792-1860), 11th Baroness Wentworth and Baroness Byron [Lady Byron], wife of poet George Gordon Noel, 6th Baron Byron of Rochdale [Lord Byron]; John Edwards; Joseph Knight
Publication details: 
1 August 1853. [Indenture by Fry & Son, London, Law Stationers.]

On two skins, with the usual seals and tax stamps, and further text and signatures on the reverse of the first skin, including a witnessed receipt for £450 from Knight; also a memorandum, 2 August 1853, 'Exparte The right Honorable Anne Isabella Baroness Noel Byron Widow', 'Before me | Wm. Cowdell. | A Master Extraordinary in Chancery'. The first skin carries a plan of the property (8 acres 3 rods 33 perches), to the west of the East Shilton road to Stapleton, and of Wigstones Farm, Stapleton and Kirkby Lordship, and with the road from Barwell to Kirby going through it, coloured in green.

Autograph Note Signed ('S. R. Lushington') to unnamed Post Office official, and with official directions on reverse.

Stephen Rumbold Lushington (1776-1868), English politician and administrator in British India
Publication details: 
21 August 1836; Norton Court, Feversham [Faversham], Kent.

On one side of an irregular piece of paper, dimensions 13.5 x 18 cm. Ruckled, and with traces of glue from mounting on reverse. Signature clear and complete, but with minor damage to signature caused by removal from mount. Reads 'I request that you will be pleased to order that all Letters for me may be sent here.' Docketed on reverse (with slight cropping along right-hand edge), '21 Augt. 1836. Feversham Rt Hon S. Lushington M.P.', beneath which, 'Mr Johnson | to be attended t specially | 22 Augt.', and 'ansd 22nd Augt | DWP316 | Attended to | [signed] <?> Laurence | 23 Augt 1836.'

Autograph Signature.

Stephen Lushington (1782-1873), English jurist, abolitionist, helped Lady Byron divorce the poet, and acted for Queen Caroline in her trial before the House of Lords
Publication details: 
2 April 1869; on letterhead of 18, Eaton Place, S.W. [London].

12mo: 1 p. On recto of first leaf of bifolium. Very good. Shaky hand. Clearly responding to a request for an autograph. Reads '[signed] Stephen Lushington | April 2 69'.

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