Two Autograph Letters Signed from the English osteopath J. J. Dunning to Admiral Milne.

Dr John J. Dunning, Secretary, the British Osteopathic Association [Admiral Milne]
Publication details: 
23 and 24 March 1945; the first on letterhead of the British Osteopathic Association, cancelled to 140 Park Lane; the second on letterhead of the American Club, London.

Both items 12mo, 1 p. Both good, on lightly aged paper. Pinned to one another. Letter One: He is'enclosing two leaflets on disc manipulation'. He has a third, 'fuller and illustrated', and if they interest Milne, he will be 'delighted'. Letter Two: He had 'much rather be found right than wrong', but would 'enjoy either experience, in meeting you again'. Could see Milne's 'pictures' after easter, and hopes to have 'one or two you may like to see as well'. Dunning had served in the United States Army Medical Corps before going to England to practice osteopathy.

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