[ A British Prisoner of War Camp in the aftermath of the Boer War. ] Mimeographed document headed 'Camp Orders by Major M. L. Ferrar | Comm[an]d[in]g Depot Batt[alio]n | Green Point Camp | 16fh. August 1902'.

Major M. L. Ferrar [ Michael Lloyd Ferrar (1876-1971) ] of the Green Howards [ Green Point Prisoner of War Camp, Cape Town South Africa; Boer War, 1902 ]
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Green Point Camp [ Cape Town, South Africa ]. 16 August 1902.

1p., 8vo. A mimeographed document duplicating fifty lines of handwriting (that of Ferrar himself?). Embossed government crest at top left. A scarce survival, on aged and heavily-worn paper, with closed tears and slight loss to extremities, repaired with archival tape.

[Mary Lane of Newport, New Hampshire.] Autograph Letter Signed to her brother Dr Robert Lane of Mobile Point, Alabama Territory.

Mary Lane, teacher of Newport, New Hampshire; her brother Dr Robert Lane, Mobile Point, Alabama Territory
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New Port [Newport, New Hampshire]. 1 November 1819.

2pp., 4to. In bifolium, the recto of the first leaf of which is addressed by Mary Lane to 'Doctor Robert Lane, Mobile Point, Alabama Territory'. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Mary Lane is semi-literate, but her letter is infused with anguish. 'Dear Brother | I have written to you Since I received your letter, but perhaps mine has never reach'd you almost every one of the family has wrote to you before this period no doubt you heard of the deaths of our father and Brother.

Manuscript of the United States Corps of Cadets anthem 'Benny Havens, Oh!', dated 'As sung by the U.S. Corps Cadets | 1864'. With explanatory introduction in manuscript, and with the '22nd. verse written at the beginning of the [American Civil] war'.

Lieutenant Lucius O'Brien; Ripley Allen Arnold (1817-1853) [Corps of Cadets, United States Military Academy, West Point; Benny Havens (c.1787-1877)]
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[On West Point letterheads?] 1864.

8pp., 12mo. On four bifoliums, placed inside one another to make a booklet. Each bifolium with embossed [West Point?] letterhead of a letter 'W' within a shield. A fair copy, with the title reading: 'Benny Havens, Oh! | as sung | by the | U.S. Corps Cadets - | 1864.' The twenty-two line introduction covers the whole of the second page.

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