[ Printed periodical, with contribution by A. A. Milne. ] 'The Prisoner of War', official journal of the Prisoners of War Department of the Red Cross and St. John War Organisation, London,

A. A. Milne contributes to 'The Prisoner of War', official journal of the Prisoners of War Department of the Red Cross and St. John War Organisation, London
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Prisoners of War Department of the Red Cross and St. John War Organisation, St James's Place, London. Vol. 2 No. 17. September, 1943.

16pp., 4to. Illustrated with photographs of PoWs and camps. Stapled pamphlet on cheap paper. In fair condition, aged and with rusted staples, with slight wear at corners of last few leaves. Milne's contribution, titled 'It depends on the Book', and with two illustrations, takes up p.10. Milne writes that 'To a prisoner of war, shut up for an indefinite time in an enemy country, any book must be a haven of escape from his thoughts; any book must be better than no book. [...] the Prisoners of War Department of the British Red Cross and St.

Mimeographed typescript, giving details of 'life as a Prisoner of War in Thailand [...] collected by Mrs. P. M. Robinson, wife of Major Robinson, 1/5th Sherwood Foresters, now in No. 4 Camp from two men recently returned from this Camp.'

Mrs Hope Robinson, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, wife of Major P. M. Robinson, 1/5th Sherwood Foresters [Number 4 Camp (Bam Pong), Thailand; Japan; Japanese Prisoner of War]
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Dated 29 November 1944.

3pp., folio, on three leaves stapled together. Fair, on aged paper. All in all a curiously positive account, with the possible explanation that Mrs Robinson's two informants chose to hide the worst from her. It is also pointed out at the foot of the first page that 'owing to the size of the Camp and the way it was divided up, it is not easy for the escaped men to give details of all the members of the Camp.

[Small archive] First World War Relief from Mrs A. M. Driberg to Allied Prisoners of War: Food Parcels to PoW

[Amy Driberg, mother of Tom Driberg; Food Parcels]
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A collection including an autograph notebook, photographs, receipts, circulars, received by Mrs Amy Mary Irving Driberg (d.1939) [née Bell], of Uckfield Lodge, Crowborough, wife of J.J.S. Driberg, and mother of Labour politician Tom Driberg (Baron Bradwell) (1905-76), in connection with her efforts on behalf of allied prisoners of war. An interesting and informative collection, casting light on a generally-overlooked aspect of the Great War. In good overall condition, on lightly-aged paper.ONE. Notebook in the autograph of Mrs A. M.


[JAPANESE PRISONERS OF WAR] "orders [...] issued by the Japanese Western Command FUKUOKA Prisoners of War Camps Orders"
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[Fukuoka, Japan], circa 1943.

Fukuoka is notorious as the site of some of the worst of the atrocities committed by the Japanese during World War II, including the vivisection of eight living American airmen. Twelve standing orders, each described in detail, and most with lettered subdivisions (46 in all), covering more than 120 lines of text, typedwritten with corrections, on one side each of two 4to sheets of wove paper, both sheets approximately fourteen inches by nine. Creased and with a small amount of fraying, but in good condition overall.

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