[Victorian handbill satirising Lord Randolph Churchill, Gladstone and other members of the House of Commons, headed 'HOUSE OF COMMONS. | PROROGATION OF PARLIAMENT'.

[Victorian satirical handbill; Lord Randolph Churchill; William Ewart Gladstone; Charle Stewart Parnell; Prorogation of Parliament, 1881]
Publication details: 
Without date or place, but accompanied by annotation in contemporary hand dating it to 1881.

Printed in black on piece of purple paper, 27 x 14 cm. In good condition, laid down on a leaf removed from a contemporary album, with the date '1881' written beside it. The first paragraph sets the tone: 'LORD RANDOLPH CHURCHILL rose to ask Her Majesty's Government a question as to the state of Public Business, and the probable date of the Prorogation of Parliament.

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