[ Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. ] Printed handbill 'Memorandum' by the College's Captain W. Ruck Keene, | Rear-Admiral.', regarding the 'Easter leave', with references to rail travel and 'underclothing of insufficient warmth'.

W. Ruck Keene [ William George Elmhirst Ruck-Keene ] (1867-1935), Royal Navy admiral, Captain (i.e. Commanding Officer) of the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth
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Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. 1 April 1918.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Perforated at right edge, and headed 'This half should be retained by Parent or Guardian.' (The absent 'fly leaf' was to be 'returned to the Commanding Officer not later than the 6th April, with the answers filled in, giving the fullest information.') The first part of the memorandum is mainly concerned with railway arrangements for those travelling to Scotland, Ireland, London, Bristol, Plymouth, Exeter.

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