[ B. N. Sarma, A. P. Muddiman and C. A. Innes. ] Printed Indian government report, examining 'the question of the separation of judicial from executive functions'.

B. N. Sarma [ Sir Bayya Narasimheswara Sarma (1867-1932) ]; A. P. Muddiman [ Sir Alexander Phillips Muddiman (1875-1928) ]; C. A. Innes [ Sir Charles Alexander Innes (1874-1959) ]
Publication details: 
'L429HD - 50 [ i.e. 50 copies? ] - 23-11-25 [ i.e. 23 November 1925 ] - GIPS [ Government of India Printing Service? ]'.

[1] + 45pp., foolscap 8vo. Printed on the rectos of 46 leaves, unbound and stapled together. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, but with rusted staples causing the first and last leaf to loosen. The preliminary page carries the following statement: 'In compliance with the Order in Council, dated the 21st February 1925, we have examined the question of the separation of judicial from executive functions and we append our Report.

[ Assam ] Four printed Assam Government reports (for the British Govt), 3 annual Reports on the Survey and Settlement Operations in Assam [for the years 1930, 1936 and 1937]; and an Annual Report of the Assam Survey Department [for the year 1934].

L. C. Thuillier; W. L. Scott; C. R. Pawsey; H. M. Pritchard; D. Sarma; K. M. Dutta; A. G. Patton [Assam Government Press, Shillong; Assam Survey Department]
Publication details: 
The four items printed at the Assam Government Press, Shillong. 1931, 1935, 1937 and 1938.

The four items in their original wraps. All four in fair condition, on lightly-aged and ruckled paper, with slight evidence of damp. One: 'Report on the Survey and Settlement Operations in Assam for the Year ending the 30th September 1930'. Shillong: Printed at the Assam Government Press, 1931. 7 +18 + [2]pp., foolscap 8vo. By 'L. C. Thuillier, Lt.-Colonel, I.A., Director of Surveys, Assam', 'W. L. Scott, Director of Land Records, Assam' and 'C. K. Rhodes, Secretary to the Government of Assam, Revenue Department'. Stamp of the Bala Theological College on front wrap.

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