[ Assam ] Four printed Assam Government reports (for the British Govt), 3 annual Reports on the Survey and Settlement Operations in Assam [for the years 1930, 1936 and 1937]; and an Annual Report of the Assam Survey Department [for the year 1934].

L. C. Thuillier; W. L. Scott; C. R. Pawsey; H. M. Pritchard; D. Sarma; K. M. Dutta; A. G. Patton [Assam Government Press, Shillong; Assam Survey Department]
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The four items printed at the Assam Government Press, Shillong. 1931, 1935, 1937 and 1938.

The four items in their original wraps. All four in fair condition, on lightly-aged and ruckled paper, with slight evidence of damp. One: 'Report on the Survey and Settlement Operations in Assam for the Year ending the 30th September 1930'. Shillong: Printed at the Assam Government Press, 1931. 7 +18 + [2]pp., foolscap 8vo. By 'L. C. Thuillier, Lt.-Colonel, I.A., Director of Surveys, Assam', 'W. L. Scott, Director of Land Records, Assam' and 'C. K. Rhodes, Secretary to the Government of Assam, Revenue Department'. Stamp of the Bala Theological College on front wrap.

Three large mounted black and white photographs of the 'Lakhimpur Battalian, Assam Military Police', 1891, showing 'Gurkha Recruits' on parade, and officers with names.

[Lakhimpur Battalion, Assam Military Police, 1891; Gurkha recruits; John James Street Driberg (1841-1919), of the Indian Civil Service]
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All three photographs dated from Dibrugarh, Assam, 18 June 1891.

Each of the three photographs measures roughly 19 x 23.5 cm, and each is mounted on a piece of card roughly 29 x 35 cm, with a decorative red border around the photograph. The photographs are lightly-faded but in good condition, on aged and worn mounts. Each mount is stamped in purple: 'Lakhimpur Battalion, | Assam Military Police'. In contemporary manuscript, in the bottom left-hand corner of each photograph is 'Dibrugarh | 18.6.91'.

Typed Letter Signed ('Dorothy Black') to [Kathleen Cruise O'Brien] O'Duffy, the wife of the Irish writer Eimar O'Duffy.

Dorothy Black (Delius) (1899-1985), English romantic novelist, travel and short-story writer [Ladies' Home Journal; Eimar O'Duffy]
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26 June 1925; La Chaumiere, Shillong, Assam.

4to: 3 pp. Text clear and entire on creased, chipped airmail paper. A chatty, vivacious and entertaining letter, casting light on the state of mind of an English colonial wife. Thanks her for her 'kind remarks about my stories.

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