[ Kathleen Parlow, Canadian violinist, 'The Lady with the Golden Bow'. ] Autograph Signature with a few bars of sheet music in autograph.

Kathleen Parlow (1890-1963), musical prodigy known as 'The Canadian Violinist' and 'The Lady with the Golden Bow'
Publication details: 
'Meldreth. September 1923 -'.

On one side of an 8 x 13 cm piece of unprinted white card. Two bars of music in her hand, followed by the word 'etc.' Beneath this, in a clear, firm hand: 'Yours very sincerely | Kathleen Parlow | Meldreth. September 1923 -'.

[ Roy Henderson, Scottish baritone and singing instructor of Kathleen Ferrier. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Roy Henderson') to 'Mrs Ruskin', regarding 'the right kind of training required', 'Bel Canto singing' and the teaching of 'Mr. Arnold'.

Roy Henderson [ Roy Galbraith Henderson ] (1899-2000), leading Scottish baritone of the early twentieth-century, later a singing instructor who counted Kathleen Ferrier among his pupils
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 'Roy Henderson, | Baritone', 305 Beckenham Road, Beckenham, Kent. 11 November 1925.

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with slight traces of mount adhering at head of reverse of leaf. 40 lines of text. The letter concerns a singing instructor named 'Mr. Arnold' who has offered to teach Mrs Ruskin or a member of her family 'at half fees'. Having been asked his advice Henderson begins: 'It is extremely difficult to give an opinion about the right kind of training required. The Bel Canto singing from the point of voice production is undoubtedly the very best. It means smooth even singing.

[ Oxford Women's Colleges in the late Victorian period. ] Four numbers of 'The Fritillary', a magazine for the Oxford women's colleges, edited by future novelist D. K. Broster.

D. K. Broster [ Dorothy Kathleen Broster ] (1877-1950), editor of 'The Fritllary' magazine for Oxford Women's Colleges
Publication details: 
Oxford. No. 3: December 1894. No. 4: March 1895. No. 6: December 1895. No. 14: June 1898. The first three numbers 'Printed for the Proprietors by Alden & Company, Ltd., Bocardo Press', the last printed 'by James Parker & Co., Crown Yard'.

All four numbers in good condition, in original grey printed wraps. Totalling 79pp. (No. 3 paginated 23-46; No. 4 paginated 47-66; No. 6 paginated 85-108; No. 14 paginated 221-231). Broster is named as editor of the last number, the others giving no information.. For more on the magazine, see Kristin Ewins, 'A History of Fritillary: A Magazine of the Oxford Women's Colleges, 1894–1931', Notes & Queries, 2008.

[ Auxiliary Territorial Service in the Second World War. ] Album of Junior Commander Kathleen Wynne-Edwards, commander of 'five Platoons, on the average 220 strong' at Prestatyn, containing original photographs, letters, circulars, cuttings, ephemera

Kathleen Violet M. Wynne-Edwards [ née Touzel ] (1895-1978) of the ATS [ Auxiliary Territorial Service ], wife of Lieut-Col. John Copner Wynne-Edwards (1891-1967)
Publication details: 
2nd Signal Training Centre, Prestatyn, North Wales. Between 1939 and 1942.

The material is laid down and loosely inserted on 39pp. of a folio album with paper covers (the ATS badge drawn on the front). The album itself is aged and worn, but the material inside is in good condition, with light aging.Biographical information on Wynne-Edwards is given in a loosely-inserted copy of an autograph letter to 'Mrs.

National Association of Training Corps for Girls pamphlet with covers illustrated by 'Fougasse' (Cyril Kenneth Bird) titled 'Taking the Plunge?' Enclosing a printed circular letter by the Director of the Corps, Kathleen Curlett

'Fougasse' [Cyril Kenneth Bird] (1887-1965), British cartoonist [Kathleen Curlett, Director, National Association of Training Corps for Girls, London (formed in 1942)]
Publication details: 
The pamphlet: London, 'Publicity Arts Ltd W C'. No date (circa 1946). Circular: On letterhead of the National Association of Training Corps for Girls, Alfred House, 24, Cromwell Place, London, S.W.7. June, 1946.

Both items in good condition, on lightly aged and creased paper. Pamphlet: 4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Covers printed in black, orange, red, yellow and blue. Both front and back covers edged in orange in distinctive Fougasse style.

Typed Letter Signed ('Dorothy Black') to [Kathleen Cruise O'Brien] O'Duffy, the wife of the Irish writer Eimar O'Duffy.

Dorothy Black (Delius) (1899-1985), English romantic novelist, travel and short-story writer [Ladies' Home Journal; Eimar O'Duffy]
Publication details: 
26 June 1925; La Chaumiere, Shillong, Assam.

4to: 3 pp. Text clear and entire on creased, chipped airmail paper. A chatty, vivacious and entertaining letter, casting light on the state of mind of an English colonial wife. Thanks her for her 'kind remarks about my stories.

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