[Kathleen Raine, poet and author.] Autograph Note Signed ('Kathy') with copy of typescript of Father John Gilling's requiem speech on the poet Jonathan Griffin, and photocopies of three obituaries of Griffin.

Kathleen Raine [Kathleen Jessie Raine] (1908-2003), poet and critic, founding member of the Temenos Academy [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright; Jonathan Griffin (1906-1990), poet; John Gilling]
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ACS on letterhead of 7 Sharples Hall Street, London; 1 March 1990. Other items from 1990.
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Five items in good condition, all lightly aged. ONE: ACS. Signed 'Kathy'. 1 March 1990. Clearly a covering note on sending the other material. Simply reads: 'Good to speak – | love | Kathy'. TWO: Duplicated copy of typescript of speech by 'Fr. John Gilling'. Headed: 'REQUIEM MASS: St. Mary the Virgin, Bourne Street. 7th February 1990. | JONATHAN GRIFFIN'. 2pp, 8vo. (For information on 'Father John' Gilling (1925-2010), see his obituary in The Times, 11 May 2010.) Begins: 'In one of his poems Jonathan wrote “Religion will not go away.” This was certainly true for him as for many who would call themselves agnostics. The people of this church would see him at Mass on Sunday and on the great holy days of the year: he would talk to them with affection and courtesy – especially to strangers and young people who might feel shy or unwanted: Kate and Jonathan would welcome us to their home to meet their other friends, and would come and help support every kind of parish activity from Bible studies to opera productions.' He stresses that, 'however far he may have been from Christian orthodoxy, that he had a great sense of the holy, especially of the holiness of creation', and concludes with the claim that 'Jonathan was thus in the great English spiritual tradition of the affirmative way – Julian of Norwich, Thomas Traherne, William Blake, Wordsworth, Hopkins, Muir – that way which knows God through his creation. As we pray at this Mass for those who will feel his loss most deeply we pray for him that he may this day find what he sought “The love that moves the sun and all the stars.”' THREE to FIVE: Photocopies of three obituaries: Guardian, 31 January 1990; Independent, 30 January 1990; Tablet ('Notebook'), 10 February 1990. The photocopy of the Guardian obituary carries a manuscript note, pointing out the inclusion on page of 'Correction to Independent Obit.'