[Kathleen Raine, poet and author.] Autograph Note Signed ('Kathy') with copy of typescript of Father John Gilling's requiem speech on the poet Jonathan Griffin, and photocopies of three obituaries of Griffin.

Kathleen Raine [Kathleen Jessie Raine] (1908-2003), poet and critic, founding member of the Temenos Academy [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright; Jonathan Griffin (1906-1990), poet; John Gilling]
Publication details: 
ACS on letterhead of 7 Sharples Hall Street, London; 1 March 1990. Other items from 1990.

Five items in good condition, all lightly aged. ONE: ACS. Signed 'Kathy'. 1 March 1990. Clearly a covering note on sending the other material. Simply reads: 'Good to speak – | love | Kathy'. TWO: Duplicated copy of typescript of speech by 'Fr. John Gilling'. Headed: 'REQUIEM MASS: St. Mary the Virgin, Bourne Street. 7th February 1990. | JONATHAN GRIFFIN'. 2pp, 8vo.

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