[ Evacuation of Queen Mary College, University of London, to King's Cambridge. ] Autograph Journal of Jean Kilgour Hart, undergraduate of Queen Mary College, in two volumes, kept over a year during its evacuation to King's College, Cambridge.

Jean Kilgour Hart (1921-2001), civil servant [ Queen Mary College, University of London; King's College, Cambridge; Girton College ]
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Cambridge [ Queen Mary College, University of London ]. First volume: 1 January 1942 to 9 May 1943. Second volume: 10 May 1942 to 29 April 1943.

The two volumes of diaries of Jean Kilgour Hart cast light on the interesting wartime crossover between the Universities of London and Cambridge. On the evacuation of Queen Mary College to Cambridge at the beginning of the Second World War, both the College administration and male staff and students were accommodated at King’s College. Women staff and students were initially provided with accommodation at Girton College, but from 1940 they were housed in two private houses in Hills Road.

[ Girton College, Cambridge University. ] Anonymous manuscript magazine: 'Girtonica or Pearls from Oysterland. Edited by The Mocking Turtle and the Doormouse', containing a Lewis Carroll parody 'Alice in Oyster-land', and other humorous material.

Girton College, Cambridge University [ Lewis Carroll; Alice in Wonderland ]
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[ Girton College, University of Cambridge. ] The first volume containing entries dating from between November 1906 and June 1909; and in the second volume between June 1909 and July 1912.

235pp., 4to. In two uniform volumes, paginated as follows. Vol.1: ii + 135pp. Vol.2: 89pp. With an additional nine unpaginated pages. Both volumes in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, in aged and worn bindings with marbled covers and cloth spines. Written out in at least two hands. The first volume is preceded by a 'Prefatory Note', dated 30 November 1906, giving a good example of the tone of the magazine, which is written in a parody of the academic style (complete with pseudo-scholarly footnotes), and is filled with what are clearly Girton in-jokes.

Five issues of a duplicated illustrated manuscript magazine, titled 'The Tubbendens Gazette', compiled by the family circle of Sir Francis Henry Evans and his wife Mary de Grasse Evans, including pieces on Harrow School and Girton College, Cambridge.

[Sir Francis Henry Evans (1840-1907) of Tubbendens, Orpington, Kent, banker and politician, his wife Lady Marie de Grasse Evans (d.1907)] [Harrow School; Girton College, Cambridge]
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[Tubbendens, near Orpington, Kent.] The five issues dated February, March, April, May and June 1892.

Each issue 6pp., foolscap 8vo, on three leaves. All five issues duplicating, in blue and purple ink, manuscript text, mostly set out in double column, and hand-drawn illustrations. The issues for February and March in the hand of an unnamed male editor; the third issue edited by 'Gwladys Evans'.

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