[ Evacuation of Queen Mary College, University of London, to King's Cambridge. ] Autograph Journal of Jean Kilgour Hart, undergraduate of Queen Mary College, kept over a year during its evacuation to King's College, Cambridge.

Jean Kilgour Hart (1921-2001), civil servant [ Queen Mary College, University of London; King's College, Cambridge; Girton College ]
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Cambridge [ Queen Mary College, University of London ]. 10 May 1942 to 3 May 1943.

90pp., 4to. In ruled exercise book (with stationer's stamp of F. Malcolm of Southsea), bound in black cloth. Internally in good condition, lightly aged, in worn binding. Written in a close tight hand. The journal proper is at the front of the volume, over 81pp.; at the back are 9pp. of miscellaneous entries, including four pages of Hart's free-verse poetry, and lists of seasonal clothing, and a list of Queen Mary 'B. Sc. (hons) 1942' degrees, described further at the end of this entry.

[Second World War ephemera.] Printed card of 'Instructions', headed 'Women's Voluntary Services for Civil Defence. Knitted Patchwork Covers for Evacuated Children.'

[Women's Voluntary Services for Civil Defence, London; Second World War evacuees; evacuation; evacuated children]
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[Women's Voluntary Services for Civil Defence, London. 1939.]

Printed on one side of a piece of 15cm square card. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Four numbered instructions, preceded by: 'There would be a great need for extra bed coverings for children should evacuation ever take place. Suitable covers can be made by sewing together squares knitted up from scraps of wool. They will always be useful even if, as we all hope, they are not needed for their original purpose.' This initiative can be dated from a reference in 'Home & Country' magazine, 1939. Scarce: no copy traced in the Imperial War Museum or elsewhere.

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