[Washington Irving's brother-in-law Henry Van Wart.] Signed bill, 'To Mess. P. Irving & Co | Merchants | Liverpool', 'In re Peter Irving & In re Washington Irving', carrying bankruptcy order; and Promissory Note; both payable to Messrs. Lewis C & Co.

Henry Van Wart (1784-1873), American-born founder of the Birmingham Stock Exchange, England, and husband of Sarah Irving, sister of Washington Irving (1783-1859), American author and diplomat1
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Both items dated from Birmingham [England], the bill on 1 November 1816, and the promissory note on 1 July 1817. Both signed boldly by Henry van War


Three Autograph Letters Signed to Mrs [?] Kent.

John Bigelow
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14 March 1911, 27 April 1911, and undated.

American diplomat and author (1817-1911), editor of Benjamin Franklin's works. All three items are very good on paper discoloured with age, though all with small punch holes for binding in upper corners, resulting to loss to six words of text. All three signed 'John Bigelow'. The second letter represents an important exposition of Bigelow's religious position at the very end of his life. LETTER ONE (14 March 1911, 21 Gramercy Park, two pages, octavo): In response to his correspondent's 'Syrenic appeal' he is sending a cheque for $25, 'at the rate of $5 for the next five years'.

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