[Rosa Hollay, Helena Rubinstein's London manager, successor of Suzanne Verdi, 'Beauty Specialist', Old Bond Street, London.] Typed Letter Signed ('Rosa Hollay | Suzanne Verdi') to journaist 'Miss Coury', with Autograph Postscript,

Rosa Hollay [née Bird] (c.1886-1979), London manager of Helena Rubinstein from 1914 [ Suzanne Verdi, 'Beauty Specialist', Old Bond Street, London]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 44 Old Bond Street, W.1. [London] 30 September 1931.

The Sunday Times, 20 March 2002, carries an article by Ann Treneman, 'The real face of Rubinstein', discussing the discovery among Hollay's papers of her correspondence with Helena Rubinstein. The correspondence was made use of by Lindy Woodhead in her 2017 book 'War Paint: Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein: Their Lives, their Times, Their Rivalry'. Hollay was Rubinstein's London manager from 1914.

[Dr Daphne Kayton of the Royal Army Medical Corps.] Autograph 'Record of Surgical Operations Performed' (as deputy anaesthetist, 106 General Hospital, British Army of the Rhine) by 'Capt (Miss) Kayton', in government-issue 'Army Book'.

Dr D. M. E. Kayton [Daphne Masuda Elnalene Kayton] of the Royal Army Medical Corps [Goodwin, Specialist Anaesthetist, 106 General Hospital, BAOR [British Army of the Rhine]]
Publication details: 
'Army Book 485. | Naval Form M116. | R.A.F. Form 495.' The book printed '9/44' [i.e. September 1944]. Kayton's entries dating from 8 November 1945 to 6 June 1946; at 106 General Hospital, British Army of the Rhine.

44pp., landscape 8vo. In book in columns and title on cover, on which Kayton has written 'CAPT (MISS) KAYTON'. 308 operations are listed by Kayton, the first 298 being numbered. After no. 264 (18 March 1946), in another hand: '29th March 1946 | This is to certify that Capt Miss D. Kayton has administered the above number of anaesthetics and has acted as deputy anaesthetist at 106 General Hospital B.A.O.R. [British Army of the Rhine] throughout the last 5 months. | Goodwin D.A. | Specialist Anaesthetist 106 General Hospital'.?>

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