[Squadron Leader Nigel Rose, Spitfire pilot during the Battle of Britain.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Nigel') to Martin Corden, expressing amazement at the 'cult' of the Spitfire, and discussing the sale of Bentley Priory.

Squadron Leader Nigel Rose (1918-2017), Spitfire Pilot with No. 602 (City of Glasgow) Royal Air Force Squadron during the Second World War Battle of Britain [Bentley Priory, Stanmore]
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22 October 2007. With label carrying his Essex address.

2pp, folio. In envelope with stamp and postmark, addressed to Corden's Mill Hill address. Letter folded twice, and letter and envelope in good condition. He begins by thanking him for sending 'the inscribed copy of Ken Delve's Story of the Spitfire - a truly excellent book just jam-packed with detail, - he must have done a prodigious amount of research to put it all together'. He is 'bowled over by the extent of [Corden's] munificence'.

[Group Captain Peter Townsend.] Seventy black and white press photographs of Group Captain Peter Townsend and his second wife Marie-Luce Jamagne, taken around the time of the couple's marriage, many with captions.

Group Captain Peter Townsend [Peter Wooldridge Townsend] (1914-1995), Royal Air Force officer and official in the royal household, remembered for his affair with Princess Margaret [Marie-Luce Jamagne]
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Taken around the time of the couple's marriage in 1959.

The photographs come from a range of news agencies (Associated Press; UPI; Publifoto Roma; Keystone; Dalmas-Orion; APIS Paris; Agence France-Presse; AGIP; Europress; Telephoto), and range in size from 20 x 30 cm down. The collection is in fair overall condition, but some of the prints are dogeared and worn, and others are affected by damp, which has attached a couple of them to one another. A few of the prints are marked up on the reverse for publication.

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