Printed logbook with label on cover reading 'List of Colored Voters Registered at [ ] Precinct in [ ] Magisterial District [ ] County, Virginia. since January 1, 1904.'

[Virginia, United States of America; the African-American Civil Rights Movement; American elections and voting; black voters]
Publication details: 
[Virginia, USA. Circa 1904.]

15 leaves, folio. In fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. N.B. Entirely blank: not filled-in or completed. Each leaf with thumb-index tab in oak cloth. In black cloth quarter-binding with marbled covers. Each opening or double-page spread is divided into 14 columns: Date of Registration; Number; Name; Date of Birth; Age. Years; Occupation; Residence; Lenght of Residence [In State; In County; In Precinct]; Is he exempt from payment of poll tax as a prerequisite to voting?; If naturalized [Date of Papers; By What Court Issued]; If Transferred. When and to What Precinct.

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