[ Jewish Tales ] Mimeographed typescript, in German and English, of 'Jewish Tales from Jerusalem', including stories told by Ascher Horowitz and T. Holpern, and an English translation of 'King Artus'.

Ascher Horowitz; T. Holpern [Jewish tales; Judaism; Hebrew; Jerusalem; Israel; Palestine]
Publication details: 
Undated (1920s?) and with place not stated.

4to, 71 pp, with one 12mo page at end. In poor condition, damp damaged and detached from green cloth covers, but with texts legible and complete. Manuscript table of contents on recto of first leaf describes nine tales in German, told by Ascher Horowitz and T.

[Harry Pirie-Gordon; Lawrence of Arabia] Autograph Letter Signed "HPG" AND Autog. Postcard Signed "Harry Pirie-Gordon" to Court [Stanley Court]. WITH: photographic copy of letter to Pirie-Gordon from a "stanley Court" [?], newspaper pages & cuttings

Harry Pirie-Gordon [Pirie-Gordon, C. H. C. (Charles Harry Clinton) 1883-1969], foreign correspondent (The Times), soldier, secret agent, author, sometime friend of Baron Corvo (Frederick Rolfe)
Publication details: 
Letter (headed notepaper) and Postcard (Depicting Lawrence of Arabia) undated [1968? the year before his death]

All items in good condition. ONE. ALS, 2pp. 8vo. He is responding to receipt of articles about Lawrence of Arabia (present - see below) with memories of encounters with Lawrence.

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