[ Jewish Tales ] Mimeographed typescript, in German and English, of 'Jewish Tales from Jerusalem', including stories told by Ascher Horowitz and T. Holpern, and an English translation of 'King Artus'.

Ascher Horowitz; T. Holpern [Jewish tales; Judaism; Hebrew; Jerusalem; Israel; Palestine]
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Undated (1920s?) and with place not stated.

4to, 71 pp, with one 12mo page at end. In poor condition, damp damaged and detached from green cloth covers, but with texts legible and complete. Manuscript table of contents on recto of first leaf describes nine tales in German, told by Ascher Horowitz and T.

[ Pamphlet. ] The Heresy Hunters and the Heresy Hunters' Song. Respectfully Inscribed to the Baffled Inquisitors.

[ William Robertson Smith (1846-1894), Scottish theologian, Professor of Hebrew at Aberdeen Free Church College
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'No. 2. Bon-Accord Rhymes and Ballads. ] Aberdeen: George Middleton, Skene Square. 1878.

Smith's entry in the Oxford DNB explains the background to this pamphlet, explaining that he was 'commissioned to write some articles on biblical subjects for the ninth edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and the first two of these appeared in 1875—‘Angel’ in volume 2 and ‘Bible’ in volume 3. These articles marked a turning point in his career. The Bible was regarded by the Free Church of Scotland as ‘the supreme rule of faith and life’, and so anything that might seem to undermine its authority was bound to arouse opposition.

[Oxford Movement; E.B. Pusey, churchman, and others.] Six Autograph Letters Signed ('E B Pusey' and 'E B P') to Francis Richard Wegg-Prosser ('W. P.'), discussing his conversion to Roman Catholicism. With substantial related correspondence.

Edward Bouverie Pusey (1800-1882), Church of England clergyman, Regius Professor of Hebrew at Christ Church, Oxford [Francis Richard Wegg-Prosser [ne Haggitt] (1824-1911), founder of Belmont Abbey]
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One letter dated from Christ Church, Oxford; 5 November 1852, another from 'Pusey nr. Faringdon [Oxfordshire]' and third from 'Asherne | Dartmouth [Kent]'. Wegg-Prosser's copy letter from 45 Grosvenor Place [London]; 7 May 1862.

The Oxford Movement; E.B. Pusey and othersEdward Bouverie Pusey (1800-1882), Church of England clergyman, Regius Professor of Hebrew at Christ Church, Oxford [Francis Richard Wegg-Prosser [ne Haggitt] (1824-1911), founder of Belmont Abbey] With: a collection of letters on the same or similar subjects from various clergymen to Wegg-Prosser, converted to the Catholic Church.[Pusey] Six Autograph Letters Signed ('E B Pusey' and 'E B P') to Francis Richard Wegg-Prosser ('W. P.'), discussing his conversion to Roman Catholicism [conversion 1852].

[Printed Paper Wraps] De Pentateucho Samaritano ejusque cum versionibus antiquis nexu. Dissertatio inauguralis quam amplissimi philosophorum ordinis auctoritate in alma litterarum universitate Viadrina ... die VII. mensis Aprilis MDCCCLXV

Samuel Kohn, Rabbi, one of the founders of the Hungarian Literary Society [Jewish Encyclopaedia].
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Lipsiae: Typis G. Kreysing, 1865

8vo, [6], 68, [4] pp.. printed paper wraps, small label on front wrap (no. 138), front wrap chipped and detached (repaired on reverse with white tape), foxing, grubby, edges worn. Two minor annotations ("at" to "et", etc - posibly editorial). Only edition of this dissertation on the Samaritan Pentateuch. Kohn (1841–1920) was a Hungarian rabbi and scholar who served as president of the Hungarian Literary Society and as a member of the Jewish Congress of Hungary; this thesis was written while he was a student at the University of Breslau.


[Harry Pirie-Gordon; Lawrence of Arabia] Autograph Letter Signed "HPG" AND Autog. Postcard Signed "Harry Pirie-Gordon" to Court [Stanley Court]. WITH: photographic copy of letter to Pirie-Gordon from a "stanley Court" [?], newspaper pages & cuttings

Harry Pirie-Gordon [Pirie-Gordon, C. H. C. (Charles Harry Clinton) 1883-1969], foreign correspondent (The Times), soldier, secret agent, author, sometime friend of Baron Corvo (Frederick Rolfe)
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Letter (headed notepaper) and Postcard (Depicting Lawrence of Arabia) undated [1968? the year before his death]

All items in good condition. ONE. ALS, 2pp. 8vo. He is responding to receipt of articles about Lawrence of Arabia (present - see below) with memories of encounters with Lawrence.

Autograph Letter Signed ('J. Kitto') from the author and missionary John Kitto to the American biblical scholar Rev. Dr George Bush, enclosing a printed prospectus for his 'A Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature', about which he appeals for assistance.

John Kitto (1804-1854), Cornish religious author and missionary [Rev. Dr George Bush (1796-1859), American, biblical scholar, pastor and abolitionist]
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Letter dated 20 Manchester Terrace, Islington, London. 28 February 1843. Prospectus by Adam and Charles Black, Edinburgh, and undated.

A 4to bifolium, with the two-page printed prospectus on both sides of the first leaf, and the two-page letter on both sides of the second. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, with light staining at the head of both leaves. The prospectus is headed: 'Preparing for publication, | (To form, when completed, one thick volume 8vo,) | A Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature, By John Kitto, Editor of "The Pictorial Bible," &c. &c.

Autograph Letter Signed ('E B Pusey') from Edward Bouverie Pusey, Professor of Hebrew at Christ Church Oxford, and a leader of the Oxford Movement, to 'My dear Knott', a letter of introduction for 'Mr Brumby', whose mind is 'preying upon itself'.

Edward Bouverie Pusey (1800-1882), English churchman and Regius Professor of Hebrew at Christ Church, Oxford, one of the leaders of the Oxford Movement
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Date and place not stated.

1p., 16mo. Good, on aged paper. He writes that the bearer, 'Mr Brumby', has come to him with an introduction from Crawley of St. Savour's [Rev. J. C. L. Crawley of St Saviour's, Leeds]. 'It wd be of great use to him, I think, not to be thrown so much upon himself. I am afraid of his mind preying upon itself. Cd. you make him acquainted with 2 or 3 good men. He is of N. C.'?>

Autograph Letter Signed ('E B Pusey') from Pusey to the Rev. William Hale Hale of Charterhouse, discussing the controversy over the new Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford, Renn Dickson Hampden.

Edward Bouverie Pusey (1800-1882), Regius Professor of Hebrew at Christ Church, Oxford, and a leader of the Oxford Movement [Rev. William Hale Hale (1795-1870); Renn Dickson Hampden (1793-1868)]
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Postmarked 29 April 1836.

1p., 4to. 18 lines of text. Fair, on aged paper, with a few closed tears. Addressed on the reverse, with three postmarks and Pusey's seal in black wax broken in two, to 'Rev. Wm. H. Hale | Charter-house'. Writing in a tight, difficult hand, Pusey begins with a reference to an 'intended present' from Hale (from the context clearly a copy of Hale's edition of Jeremy Taylor's 'Doctrine and Practice of Repentence'). Pusey praises 'the earnest, energetic truth-speaking language of Bp. Taylor', which he considers 'a voice as from another world'.

Offprint entitled 'Two Remarkable Letters to Lord Beaconsfield on Trade and Peace.' ['Lord Beaconsfield and Trade' by 'JEW', and 'Lord Beaconsfield and Peace' by 'RABBI'.]

[?] Baker; the Bolton Guardian [Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield; William Ewart Gladstone; Victorian anti-semitism; nineteenth-century judaism]
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Undated. 'Reprinted from The Bolton Guardian.'

In three columns of small type on one side of a piece of unwatermarked wove paper, dimensions 39.5 x 29 cm. Text clear and complete, on aged and lightly creased paper. Four short closed tears at the extremities of folds. An unusual production, docketed in pencil in a contemporary hand at the head: 'These letters were written by Baker, Consul out in the Principalities & a great protege of Gladstone'. Begins 'We have been favoured with a copy of a remarkable letter addressed to the Premier by an old friend of his father's.

Fragment of Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed correspondent.

Cesar Jean Salomon Malan [ Solomon Caesar Malan ]
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Without date or place.

Oriental linguist and biblical scholar (1812-94). Paper dimensions roughly sixteen centimeters by eight. Paper creased and foxed. Mounted on slightly-larger piece of brown paper. In French. Reads 'Que la paix de Dieu multipliee a toute votre famille, et que cette dispensation soit dirigee a la gloire du Nom qui est invoque sur nous!' Signed 'Cr. Malan.'

Autograph Letter Signed to the Rev. Townsend.

Thomas Fry.
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1 Upper East [Hayes?], Walcot, Bath, 3 Dec. 1847.

Hebrew Scholar. Four pages, 4to, good condition. He has been looking at a manuscript written by his correspondent on a theological subject. He criticises it, suggesting "expunging" one passage if he considers publication, and arguing with some of the biblical interpretation ("reign over the saints on a renewed earth . . ."). He explains his viewpoint of th earth post-Armageddon I suppose, rhapsodically. "The book of Revelations is to me for the most part a sealed book." He suggests his views are more suitable for the closet than the public.

Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed correspondent, and a MS examination text

Samuel Lee
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Orientalist and Cambridge Professor (1783-1852). Two pages, 4to, responding to a request for advice for the son of the correspondent who is engaged in preparing a Hebrew Lexicon. Lee gives some solid advice but finally points out that he is engaged on a similar task. WITH: the manuscript text with corrections, two pages, 4to, in Lee's hand, of the examination for the Crosse scholarship (presumably a Cambridge prize) involving Greek, Arabic, Hebrew and Syriac. WITH: an 8vo print of Samuel Lee. Three items,

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