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[Constantin François, Comte de Volney.] Autograph Letter Signed ('C Volney'), in English, to the publisher Sir Richard Phillips, discussing plans for a new London edition of his 'Ruins of Empires', previously translated by Thomas Jefferson.

Comte de Volney [Constantin François de Chassebœuf, Comte de Volney] (1757-1820), radical French politician [Sir Richard Phillips (1767-1840), author and publisher; Thomas Jefferson; Joel Barlow]
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Paris. 3 August 1818.

Volney's 'Ruines' (1791) was extremely influential, particularly in the United States. In 1796 Volney met Thomas Jefferson at Monticello to discuss Jefferson's plan to translate the book into English. Jefferson had completed the greater part of his translation by the time he mounted his 1800 bid for the presidency, at which point he handed over the project to Joel Barlow, who translated the last four chapters and, at Jefferson's request, put his name to the whole translation, which was published in 1801.

[Constantin François, Comte de Volney.] Autograph Note in the third person, 'au Ministre du tresor public', presenting a copy of his 'Tableau du Climat et du Sol des Etats-Unis'.

Comte de Volney [Constantin François de Chassebœuf, Comte de Volney] (1757-1820), radical French politician and friend of Thomas Jefferson
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Without place or date. [Replied to on 25 October 1803.]

1p., 4to. In good condition, lightly aged. On bifolium with stub from mount adhering to blank second leaf. Neatly written and reading: 'Le Senateur Volney a l'honneur d'offrir au Ministre du tresor public, comme a l'un des juges les plus competens et les plus Eclairés l'examplaire ci-joint de Son Nouveau livre Tableau du climat et du Sol des Etats-unis D'Amerique | et leprie d'agreer des tres humbles civilités.' At the head of the page the recipient has written: 'Rep. 2o Br[umair]e. 12. [i.e.

[ Robert Baker Girdlestone, Hebrew scholar and first principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. ] Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'R. B. Girdlestone'), with reference to the biblical scholars Constantin von Tischendorf and Samuel Prideaux Tregelles. ]

Robert Baker Girdlestone (1836-1923), Hebrew scholar, first principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and Anglican cleric [ Samuel Prideaux Tregelles; Constantin von Tischendorf ]
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All three on letterheads of the British & Foreign Bible Society, Blackfriars, London. 5 and 7 August 1868, and 10 February 1869.

The three items in good condition, on lightly aged paper. All three on bifoliums. ONE (5 August 1868): 2pp., 12mo. He thanks the recipient for his 'lecture', which 'gives a large amount of information in a small space'. If he would care to 'present a copy to our library, I am sure it would be valued highly'. He continues: 'One desideratum is that the libraries in Spain & at Paris should be ransacked in order if possible to find some further light as to the origin of the Rec: [sic]' He concludes: 'You have no doubt got Tischend[orf]:s. Edn. of the Cod. B. wh.

[ Professor David Smyth Torrens, Irish horologist; Robert Gardner, clockmaker. ] 36 items relating to horology and chronometers, including a booklet of manuscript tables, apparently by Torrens, showing tests (of Vacheron Constantine chronometers?).

David Smyth Torrens (1897-1967), horologist, Professor of Medicine, Trinity College, Dublin [ Robert Gardner (1851-1931), Scottish clockmaker; Vacheron Constantin of Switzerland; Leroy & Cie, Paris ]
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[ Brassus, Switzerland; Paris, France. ] Between 1912 and 1935.

36 items, in fair overall condition, with some evidence of age and wear. ONE: Manuscript tables of trials, presumably in Torrens's autograph, apparently of Vacheron Constantin chronographs. 8pp. in landscape 8vo, with a final page folding out to large 4to. With additions in red ink and pencil. On nine leaves, wrapped in grey paper and stitched together. In fair condition, aged and worn. On front cover in pencil: ''Dr. Torrens | Dr. Torrens'. Dated at head of first page 25 April 1912, with heading: 'Best Vacheron trial movt.

[Tommaso Salvini, Italian actor.] Autograph Letter Signed ('To Salvini'), in Italian, to an 'Amabile Signora', regarding 'quattro versi' which came to him spontaneously.

Tommaso Salvini (1829-1915), Italian actor, much admired by Constantin Stanislavski
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Without place or date.

1p., 16mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased, with slight rust spotting at head and trimmed margins. Concerning 'quattro versi di numero, i quali dicono soltanto un idea che mi venne spontanea'.

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