[Samuel Lee, Professor of Arabic and Regius Professor of Hebrew in the University of Cambridge.] Autograph Letter Signed ('S Lee') to John Yonge Akerman, regarding a collection of coins and medals he has been offered by S. Jackson of Keswick.

Samuel Lee (1783-1852), orientalist and linguist, Professor of Arabic and Regius Professor of Hebrew in the University of Cambridge [John Yonge Akerman (1806-1873), numismatist and antiquary]
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'D. C.' [Downing College, Cambridge?] 2 April 1847.

2pp, 12mo. On first leaf of bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with several folds. Twenty-two lines written in a close, crabbed hand. Begins: 'My dear Sir | I looked for you at the last meeting of the Antiquarian Society [i.e. the Cambridge Antiquarian Society] – in vain.' He is forwarding a letter he has received from 'Mr S. Jackson of Keswick, Cumberland – concerning some coins & medals for sale', He does not 'wish to be a purchaser', but Akerman may wish to give notice to 'some one who would wish to possess some of the collection'.

[ Arminius Vambery ] Subscription of Letter, including signature, "Yours very truly | A Vambery" with some text on verso of signature

Ármin Vámbéry, aka Arminius Vámbéry (1832–1913), Hungarian Turkologist and traveller
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11 x 4cm, some staining, damage to text with further loss of text (as well as the rest of the letter), most of text and signature legible. Surviving text as follows: "[led?] Travels, Messrs Cassel Teller & [Sulpin?] wished [me?] to some lengthy paper, would it suit to [sic} you if". Note: Vambery, a friend of Bram Stoker's, is said to have been the model for Van Helsing, the vampire hunter in "Dracula.".

[ Graziado Isaia Ascoli, politician and linguist. ] Page of Autograph Corrected Manuscript, with presentation inscription signed 'Graziado Ascoli'.

Graziadio Ascoli [ Graziadio Isaia Ascoli ] (1829-1907), politician and linguist
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No place or date.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged and with central vertical crease. Consisting of a page bearing eleven lines of corrected manuscript, laid down onto an 8vo leaf, with the following presentation inscription at the foot: 'Vogliate sempre bene | al divotisso. vostro | Graziado Ascoli'. The manuscript begins: '[...] essi mettono in opera per chiarire diversamente il loro nazionalismo, [...]' and ends '[...] consequenti presenzoni delle cancellerie europee.' Ascoli was the first linguist to first to classify systematically the Italian dialects.

[David Diringer, book historian ] Autograph Letter Signed "David (DIRINGER)" ro "Mr [Marcus prob.] Adams, Royal and children's photographers.

David Diringer, book historian, linguist, "alphabetologist", palaeographer and writer, wartime "enemy alien".
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[Headed Notepaper, heading with line through it] University Combination Room, The Old Schools, Cambridge {added] "as from 50 St Barnabas's Road, Cambridge, Dec. 1957.

Two pages, 8vo, fold mark (stained), mainly good, text clear and complete. "My dear Mr. Adams, | Once more I hoped to be able to present to you as my Christmas present my forthcoming book (The Illuminated Book [underlined]). Unfortunately, its pubication has been postponed till Febr. 1958. | Hence, I cannot but send to you my warmest greeetings & my best wishes of A MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY 1958. | I do hope to be able to meet you somewhere in London. I am aware that you have given up active studio-work, but I do not know whether you still have connections with your fromer studio in London.

Autograph Letter Signed ('D Forbes') from the orientalist Duncan Forbes to J. D. R. Robinson of the Asiatic Society, concerning his translation of the 'Bagh-o-Bahar', and the mental state of 'Anderson'.

Duncan Forbes (1798-1868), Scottish orientalist and linguist, translator of Mir Amman's Urdu 'Bagh-o-Bahar, or Tales of the Four Darweshes'
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No place; 'Wednesday' [no date].

3 pp, 12mo. 41 lines. Text clear and complete. Fair, on lightly-aged paper with a couple of closed tears. He is sending 'the trans. of the Baghobahan together with the Original', and trusts that Robinson will keep his promise 'and not detain it long'. Considers it fair that Robinson's friend 'should pay the carriage thereof from & to London'. 'The younger Stewart is to send me up a book of mine in about a week - the best way will be to send the Bagh along with it as it will be the same expence'. Suggest sending another book with 'the Bagh to Haileybury', rather than to Portman Square.

one autograph letter signed to [?] Mathews,

Friedrich Max Müller
Publication details: 
Saturday [no date], Dudley Villas, Wilton, Droitwich.

Orientalist and philologist (1823-1900). 2 pp, 12mo. "Here we have been for about a fortnight, - it is a very dreary place, but the brine baths seem to do my wife good, and so we must stay on for another week. Birmingham, I see, is so near that I should like to run over and see you again and have a quiet talk, supposing that you are not entirely absorbed in business. Perhaps you would let me know what day would suit you best. I cannot ask you to come over here, it is too dreary. My poor wife cannot come with me, she has to take a bath every day." Slight discolouration.

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