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ALS to P.P. Alexander

Alexander Bain, Scottish psychologist and educationalist
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2pp., 8vo. Compliments Alexander's "polemic with Mill on the question of 'Liberty and Necessity'"" and promises a review ("some public form").

Autograph Note, third person, "Dr Roget" to Sir David Brewster, natural philosopher (DNB).

P.M. Roget.
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39 Bernard Street, Russell Square, 16 May 1839.

Physician and savant (1779-1869). One page, trimmed,removed from an album, stained but text clear and apparently complete. Roget invites Brewster to dinner. This derives from the album formed by Brewster's daughter-in-law, Annie, and to which Brewster contributed substantially. (See earlier entries.) Roget was a close associate and was a colleague of Brewster's in the British Association.

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