Autograph Letter Signed ('David Pollock') from the future Sir David Pollock, Chief Justice of Bombay, to John Silk Buckingham, regarding the British and Foreign Institute, and a controversy in The Times.

Sir David Pollock (1780-1847), Chief Justice of Bombay [James Silk Buckingham (1786-1855), author and traveller; the British and Foreign Institute, Hanover Square, London; The Times]
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Monmouth. 30 Ocotber 1843.
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2pp., 12mo. 29 lines of neatly-written text. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Addressing his letter to 'J: S: Buckingham Esqre.', Pollock writes that Buckingham's letter, 'enclosing the Rules &c. of the British and Foreign Institute', has been forwarded to him in Monmouth, where he is 'engaged on a long Circuit professionally, which comprehends all South Wales, and the West and South of England'. He is 'on the move continually', without 'time or opportunity to give sufficient consideration to the subject'. He will 'return to Town' in December, when he will 'take an early opportunity of making my appearance as a member of the Committee', and will 'confer' with Buckingham: 'I see you have had to answer an attack, as some one has taken the trouble to send me a Copy of the "Times" of the 25th. inst. which accompanied a Letter from you [...] You need not complain, as you have evidently a triumph upon all the points started.' According to Buckingham's entry in the Oxford DNB, in 1844 he was 'instrumental in the foundation of the British and Foreign Institute in Hanover Square. This literary and social club, of which he was appointed resident director, drew the ridicule of Punch, which persisted in calling it the ‘Literary and Foreign Destitute’. The institute was closed in 1846.' Pollock was appointed Chief Justice of Bombay in 1846, and knighted in the same year.