Holograph Poem by the Congregational minister Richard Winter Hamilton, beginning 'Dear Sister, Christian Heroine!'

Richard Winter Hamilton (1794-1848), Congregational minister of Albion and Belgrave Chapels, Leeds
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Leeds. 20 November 1827.
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1p., 4to. In good condition, on a lightly aged and worn leaf removed from an album. The poem is twenty lines long, arranged in five four-line stanzas. The first stanza reads 'Dear Sister, Christian Heroine! | Stranger to me thy form & voice - | I venerate that zeal of thine, | And while I blush, for thee rejoice'. The second stanza is somewhat heretical: 'Nor Male nor Female is in Him | Who Born of Woman, both hath sav'd: | She conquers every terror grim, - | She thousand deaths for Him has brav'd!' The third stanza begins: '"A woman slew him:" Gideon'ss son'. The poem does not appear to have been published.