[John Philip Kemble, actor and manager of the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden.] Autograph Memorandum, signed 'J. Kemble.', regarding the 'Caducean Trident' of Albion, with an ink drawing of the same (a dragon with intertwining serpents).

John Philip Kemble (1757-1823), distinguished actor and manager of the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, brother of Sarah Siddons and Charles Kemble
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No place or date.

The text is on one side of a 13 x 16 cm piece of laid watermarked paper. The signature 'J. Kemble' is at bottom left, in slightly-darker ink than the fifteen lines of text. Lightly aged and with short closed tears at edges of two folds. Slight traces of brown-paper mount at top corners on reverse, which carries a capable ink drawing of 'the Caducean Trident' mentioned in the text: a dragon with two sets of wings, body stiff as a rod, encircled by two snakes.

[Newman Hall, 'The Dissenters' Bishop'.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Newman Hall') to an unnamed recipient.

Rev. Dr Christopher Newman Hall (1816-1902), Congregational minister, known in later life as 'The Dissenters' Bishop'
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[Albion Chapel] Hull [Yorkshire]. 25 December 1850.

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly aged paper, in a windowpane mount. It gives him 'much pain' to refuse the recipient's 'kind and friendly invitation': 'My Sundays for 12 Months are engaged. I fear some kind friends forget I am a settled Pastor & not at liberty to accept one twentieth of the Invitations I get. I have only a few Sundays which I feel I can consistently spend away from home - & these are generally engaged several months in advance'.

[Albion Iron Works, West Bromwich.] Autograph Letter Signed from the proprietor Walter Williams to London bankers Messrs Thomson Hankey & Co, regarding the purchase of 'nails & chains' for casks.

Walter Williams of Rose Inn, proprietor of Albion Iron Works, West Bromwich [Messrs Thomson Hankey & Co, London merchant bankers]
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Albion Iron Works, Westbromwich [West Bromwich]. 21 June 1844. With 'WEST BROMWICH' postmark.

1p., 4to. Bifolium, addressed on the reverse of the second leaf to 'Messrs. Thomson Hankey <& Co> | Merchants | 7 Mincing Lane | London'. The second leaf is also docketed, and carries two circular postmarks, one from 'WEST BROMWICH'. Williams writes that he has returned to find 'an enquiry about the nails & chains'. He gives a price below which he cannot go, adding: 'I must be paid for the Casks: but if a quantity of nails had been wanted I would have given my trouble on the other things, as I should have made a profit on the nails'.

Holograph Poem by the Congregational minister Richard Winter Hamilton, beginning 'Dear Sister, Christian Heroine!'

Richard Winter Hamilton (1794-1848), Congregational minister of Albion and Belgrave Chapels, Leeds
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Leeds. 20 November 1827.

1p., 4to. In good condition, on a lightly aged and worn leaf removed from an album. The poem is twenty lines long, arranged in five four-line stanzas. The first stanza reads 'Dear Sister, Christian Heroine! | Stranger to me thy form & voice - | I venerate that zeal of thine, | And while I blush, for thee rejoice'. The second stanza is somewhat heretical: 'Nor Male nor Female is in Him | Who Born of Woman, both hath sav'd: | She conquers every terror grim, - | She thousand deaths for Him has brav'd!' The third stanza begins: '"A woman slew him:" Gideon'ss son'.

Offprint of poem by 'ORION' entitled 'THE BURIAL OF RICHARD COBDEN', with MS note by Sandland acknowledging authorship.

John Dorlin Sandland [Richard Cobden; Liverpool]
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From THE ALBION, Liverpool, of Monday, April 10, 1865.' Dated in print 'Liverpool, Saturday, April 8, 1865.'

Sandland was the author of 'The wanderer, and other poems' (1845). Roughly four and three quarto inches by seven and three-quarters. Grubby, folded twice and mounted on larger piece of light-green paper. Sonnet beginning 'ON they went with a step that was measured and slow' and concluding 'In this temple of quiet, where Nature is free, | Here they left in repose the Apostle of Peace.' MS reads (at head) 'To the Writer of | The Funeral of Mr Cobden | Morning Star Saturday April 8th.

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