[Frederick Lee Bridell.] Three pencil sketches of Elizabethan figures, including one of William Shakespeare.

Frederick Lee Bridell (1830-1863), English painter and friend of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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On piece of 16 x 25.5cm paper. In fair condition, aged and spotted, with slight damp-staining to one corner, and remains of mount adhering to the reverse, on which is written in pencil: 'Sketches by Frederick Lee Bridell | born Southampton | died London 1864'. The three sketches are well finished, and placed alongside one another. The one on the left depicts a nobleman seated on a throne with a coronet on top of its backrest, his feet on a footstool, and left hand on an arm-rest, an animated look on his face. The middle sketch is a back view of a man with a sword seated at a long table, his left hand on his thigh, beyond a jug and book on the table in front of him, a ghostly figure can just be made out. The right-hand sketch depicts a rather effete Shakespeare, seated on a hillock, his hands out to balance himself, with a looking-glass at his feet.