[Hon. Capt. Francis Egerton, R.N.] Autograph Letter to 'John Bowring Esqre', regarding the writing of his 'Journal of a Winter's Tour in India, with a Visit to the Court of Nepaul'.

Hon. Capt. Francis Egerton (1824-1895), Royal Navy [Francis Leveson-Gower; Sir John Bowring (1792-1872), Governor of Hong Kong; John Murray, London publisher]
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[London?] 'Monday <June?> 20th' [1852].
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1p., landscape 12mo (16 x 20.5 cm). Addressed on reverse 'To | John Bowring Esqre | 6 Freeman's Court | Cornhill'. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Folded into a packet for hand-delivery. Written in a crabbed, difficult hand. Begins: 'Tomorrow I will send you a copy of my Character [clearly 'The Life and Character of the Duke of Wellington', which is however generally ascribed to his namesake the Earl of Ellesmere], which you will see


is just now in demand. Also a work which i can only lend him.

The Fragment ought [last word underlined three times] to be sent'. He explains that 'Along with this go the two first packets of 'Nepaul'. | In the Introduction I have it in contemplation to

the value of a paper, as therein mentioned. I should be much obliged to Mr F. if he could adjust the measures mentioned as requiring adjustment'. He continues with reference the 'Introduction and Plan of the Work and 'Titles of the Chapters and Sections'. In the Introduction Both Egerton's 'Journal of a Winter's Tour in India, with a Visit to the Court of Nepaul' and 'The Life and Character of the Duke of Wellington' were published by John Murray in 1852.