[ Printed First World War pamphlet. ] Pan-German Socialism (Neo-Marxism).

William Stephen Sanders [ The New Age, London ]
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'(Reprinted from "The New Age")'. W. H. Smith & Son, London. [ 1918. ]
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24pp., 12mo. Stapled. In good condition, with light signs of age. A wartime pamphlet, the latest reference in which is to 'the "demonstration" vote of the Socialist Party in the Reichstag, July, 1918, against the Budget', and thus written between that date and the end of the war. The author's message is summed-up in his conclusion: 'Franz Mehring is right in declaring that the old German Social Democracy is dead. The great movement built up by August Bebel and Wilhelm Liebknecht with the object of capturing and transforming the German Militarist State has become the willing captive of the power that it set out to conquer. The wheel has come full circle: the revolutionaries hahve been revolutionised into apostles of the gospel of Junkerdom.' Headings 'Philosophy and Politics', 'Materialism and Socialism', 'Revision of Theories', 'Revolution Forbidden', 'Changing Views', 'The Marxian Doctrine', 'Revisionism', 'The New Marxism', 'Effect of Social Reform', 'Realpolitik', 'Socialists and Junkers', 'The Super-State', 'Subjective and Objective', 'Neo-Marxists in Action'.