[ H. Lonsdale Elmes, architect. ] Autograph Note Signed ('H. Lonsdale Elmes') to Henry Howard, Secretary, Royal Academy, giving the name of a drawing for exhibition.

H. Lonsdale Elmes [ Harvey Lonsdale Elmes ] (1814-1847), English architect, designer of St George's Hall, Liverpool
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On 10 x 11.5 cm piece of paper, cut down from a longer letter. Aged and worn, with traces of glue and grey paper mount adhering to the reverse, which is addressed by Elmes to Howard at the Royal Academy. Reads: 'I send with this one drawing for Exhibition with my name at the back of which the following is the description | "Design for a National Museum comprised in a space of two Acres | H. Lonsdale Hunter | 11 Park Street | Westminster'. Note: Perhaps he was quoting for St George's Hall(?).