[?I feel his animosity so strongly.? Sir Donald Wolfit complains about the News Chronicle theatre critic Alan Dent.] Autograph Letter Signed (?Donald?) to the theatre critic W. J. Macqueen-Pope (?Popie?), explaining why he is barring Dent.

Sir Donald Wolfit (1902-1968), English Shakespearian actor-manager [W. J. MacQueen-Pope [Walter James MacQueen-Pope] (1888-1960), theatre historian; Alan Holmes Dent (1905-1978), Scottish critic]
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4 November 1948. On his letterhead, from the New Theatre, Hull.
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See the entries on author and recipient in the Oxford DNB. The subject of the letter Alan Dent, began his career as a prot?g? of James Agate. Although a somewhat histrionic figure, Wolfit's reputation rivalled that of Gielgud and Olivier, and his influence was acknowledged by both Harold Pinter and Peter O?Toole, and Ronald Harwood based his play and film ?The Dresser? on him. 1p, 4to. In fair condition, on lightly-aged and wrinkled paper, with slight nick to bottom-right, and evidence of paper clip. Folded once. 18 lines of text, addressed to ?My dear Popie? and signed ?Yours ever | Donald.? Endorsed in pencil by the recipient ?anti Alan Dent?. After explaining that he is waiting for news of ?progress? from ?Brownlow?, he returns (with reference to a previous exchange) ?to the question of Alan Dent?, whom he appears to have barred from his performances. Although Wolfit is in broad agreement with Pope ?about barring critics? he finds this ?an unusual case?. If Dent?s disparagement only appeared in the News Chronicle, Wolfit would not mind so much, but ?his article is copied?, and Dent also writes for ?a whole chain of provincial newspapers?, so that ?cities where I have laboured for years to build up a reputation, constantly read scathing reports of my London appearances in their local papers?. Wolfit continues: ?This has been going on for years, my old friend, and I know the damage it is doing to me in the country. These articles are not signed by Dent but are London news paragraphs?, and ?a large majority of them come from him?. He concludes: ?Now you have the whole story and why I feel his animosity so strongly. It has gone on for years.?