[Sir Emile Littler, theatrical impressario.] Two Typed Letters Signed, asking theatre historian W. J. Macqueen-Pope whether he did more London pantomimes than Julian Wylie. With carbon of reply.

Sir Emile Littler [born Emile Richeux] (1903-1985), theatrical impresario based at the Palace Theatre, London, producer of over two hundred British pantomimes [W. J. Macqueen-Pope, theatre historian;]
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15 and 19 November 1957. Both on his letterhead. Carbon of Macqueen-Pope’s reply, 18 November 1957, from Coventry House, 5/6 Coventry Street, W.1.
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For information on Littler see the entry in the Oxford DNB of his brother Prince Frank Littler (1901-1973), who did not share Emile’s ‘affection for plays or players individually’. Also see Macqueen-Pope’s entry in the same work. The three items in fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Both signed ‘Emile’. ONE: TLS of 15 November 1957. 1p, 4to. Reads: ‘My dear Popie, / You know about everything in the Theatre, and I am wondering if you could tell me how many London pantomimes Julian Wylie did, either by himself or as the Wylie-Tate organisation. / I would be very interested to know if by any chance you have this information available.’ In autograph: ‘Many THANKS -’ and minor correction. With pencil note by recipient. TWO: TLS of 19 November 1957. 1p, 4to. He thanks him for his letter, ‘which I greatly appreciate. / I had been asked whether Julian Wylie had done more pantomimes in London than I had, or vice versa. I had an idea that I was quite a number ahead and you have kindly confirmed it. Actually, I have done fourteen in the West End and nobody living to-day has done as many as that.’ He thanks him for his trouble, and evidently sending a bottle of wine, ends: ‘Would you toast Julian with the attached.’ THREE: Unsigned carbon of Macqueen-Pope’s reply to Item One, 18 November 1957. Speaking form memory, since his ‘references’ are ‘at home’, he gives details of ‘nine major pantomimes’ that ‘Julian did’ in London.