[Author of the first million-seller: Hall Caine, the most popular novelist of his day.] Autograph List of Corrections ‘With Sir Hall Caine’s Compts’, to [Daily Telegraph propaganda?] articles entitled ‘Downfall of a Nation’ (revolutionary Russia).

Hall Caine [Sir Hall Caine; Sir Thomas Henry Hall Caine] (1853-1931), the most popular novelist of his day, author of ‘The Eternal City’, the first million-seller, with strong Isle of Man connections
Hall Caine
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No date or place. (Circa 1917)
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See the description of Caine’s political views in his entry in the Oxford DNB. He began as a communist, but became a Christian Socialist, and a supporter of the Liberal Party on the mainland of Britain (he was a member of the Isle of Man House of Keys from 1901 to 1908) and a follower of the Church of England. The present item would appear to relate to the ‘impassioned propaganda’ that Caine published in the Daily Telegraph from September 1914 (ODNB). It is 1p, 4to. It is in fair condition, lightly aged and discoloured, with minor traces of mount on the blank reverse, and with central horizontal and vertical folds. Written in Caine’s distinctive tiny hand. A column on the left-hand side of the page is headed ‘Downfall of a Nation / Please make the following corrections’, while the right-hand side carries ‘With Sir Hall Caine’s compts’. There are four corrections, to be made to the ‘Second’, ‘Fifth’, ‘6th’ and ‘Concluding Article’: ‘Second Article / 2nd. Col: 4th paragraph / Read Provisional Government instead of Provincial / Fifth Article / 1st Col 4th paragraph / Spell / Vladimir / Kalouga / Ukraina / 6th Article / 2nd Col / 22 line / Read - / The American plan was to take a million children & provide for them for one month, & the British plan was to provide for two hundred thousand on the Border etc / Concluding Article / last col / 3rd paragraph / read / Constituent Assembly / instead of Constitutional’. See Image.