[Mary Shepard, illustrator of Mary Poppins, wife of E. V. Knox and stepmother of Penelope Fitzgerald.] Three Autograph Letters Signed to brother-in-law Canon Wilfred Knox, regarding a holiday cottage, and a catalogue for an exhibition of her drawings

Mary Shepard [Mary Eleanor Jessie Knox] (1909-2000), children?s book illustrator best-known for the Mary Poppins books, wife of Punch editor E. V. Knox and stepmother of novelist Penelope Fitzgerald
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18 March, and 18 and 27 April 1945. The first on letterhead of 63 Eyre Court, N.W.8 [London]. The second from 1 Suffolk House, Circus Road, NW8. The third from 1 Suffolk House, on cancelled Eyre Court letterhead. Catalogue undated; Hampstead.
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See her entry, with those of the recipient, her husband, stepdaughter and the other members of the Knox family, in the Oxford DNB. The material is in good condition, lightly aged. All three items addressed to 'My dear Wilfred' and signed 'Mary'. ONE (18 March [1945]): 2pp, 12mo. Begins: 'I am afraid we are allowing Mrs. W. to stay on at the Cottage during the School Easter Vacation, because it seems rather difficult to turn her out at this time of year in view of the weather & the fact that she obviously has Mrs. Moses on her side'. She has however warned her 'that she is to be turned out in September'. If Canon Knox should be going down to Kingston, ?T? asks if he could ?get over to the Hindwell at any time, not only to fish but in order to spy out the land!' 'T' 'fears that the Second Front or some other bother' may make it difficult for him to get 'either to Kingston or Prestyn in June'. A postscript makes reference to an enclosure, and also present is a carbon copy of a letter from 'Mary E. Knox' to the architect L. J. Michaels of 62 Rosslyn Hill, dated 16 December 1965 [a mistyping for '1945'?], regarding the War Damage Commission and the building of a garage. TWO (18 April [1945]): 2pp, 8vo. With envelope with stamp and postmark, addressed to 'The Rev. Canon Wilfred Knox, / Pembroke College, / Cambridge.' 'As you see, we have evicted ourselves to my father's flat & have stored the furniture in the warden's Post until we can get a house, which I hope will be soon, as this is a room kitchen & bath flat, & is rather a tight fit!' After a reference to negotiations with 'Deacon' she continues: 'I am overwhelmed by the torrents of coal & antracite which seem to be pouring in at the Cottage. It must be my stiff letter to the coal overseer at Kingston which has released the flow. It is grand, and I hope it continues. She discusses some gossip regarding Mrs Moses, before expressing pleasure that he is finding the cottage satisfactory, 'apart from the radiators', and that he has had 'a good haul of fish'. THREE (27 April 1945): Concerns arrangements for 'Dr. Sutherland' to have the cottage in July, with reference to linen and crockery ('replacement is now impossible, except by plain white utility china which is so hideous'). FOUR: Duplicated typed 'Catalogue for the exhibition and sale of drawings by Mary Knox 15-21st November 1986 at Hampstead Parish Church'. 4pp, on four A4 leaves stapled together. Short introduction on the second page, possibly the work of Penelope Fitzgerald. 'Please tick number chosen -' at head of first page. Corners torn out of blank corners of the first two leaves. 72 items are listed with prices ('All the money raised at this exhibition will go to the Hampsted Parish Church Millennium Appeal Fund') over two pages.