[Richard Cumberland, dramatist.] Autograph Letter Signed to George IV’s mistress the Countess of Jersey, expressing pleasure that she is pleased with his composition, and thanking her for her regret at his loss.

Richard Cumberland (1732-1811), dramatist [Frances Villiers [née Twysden], Countess of Jersey (1753-1821), mistress of King George IV]
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See his entry, and hers, in the Oxford DNB. From the papers of her relation Lady Theresa Lewis. 2pp, 8vo. On the first leaf of a bifolium, the recto of the second leaf being addressed by him to ‘Countess of Jersey / &c &c &c’. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Folded for postage. Written in high eighteenth-century style. Begins: ‘Madam / If you have receiv’d the slightest amusement from my imperfect composition, I am most highly gratified, and feel myself very sensibly flatter’d by the honor you confer upon me by your condescending to regret the loss, which I have infinitely ye most reason to lament.’ He wishes her ‘every possible enjoyment’ of her ‘health and happiness in all your branches’, till he has ‘ye honor of paying you and Lord Jersey my respects in town’. He will ‘not fail to remember any commands you lay upon me’. The valediction, with ornate signature, reads: ‘I have ye honor to be, / Madam, / Your Ladyship’s most / obedt & obligd hum. Servt / Richd Cumberland’. There is a crude pencil portrait of a man’s face - perhaps Cumberland’s and perhaps drawn by the Countess - at the bottom right of the recto of the second leaf.